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ShepherdFrom shearling baby booties for the youngest members of the family, to sheepskin toys for the older children or the child in you, there is a little something here for anyone who appreciates how nice "the real thing" can feel. There are some good synthetics on the market but they just can't compare with the look and feel of shearling.

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Candy's Bear

Candy's Bear - $130.00

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Our genuine shearling teddy bear made famous (sort of) when it posed for the title page of the 1995 Spring issue of Vermont Life Magazine. A real shearling bear is capable of giving and receiving many years of love. However, production is limited by the wool quality of the skins we receive so the time between placing an order and receipt of your bear may be much longer than normal. We will not produce a bear unless we are totally satisfied with the wool quality of the skin we will use. Sometimes that will require a little patience on your part. A nice bear is worth waiting for.    (Candy's Bear FAQ)  

  • About 16" high and stuffed with pure polyester stuffing.

  • Each bear is individually numbered.

  • We have produced only 100 since June of 1994.

  • It is recommended for ages 3 and older and should be dry-cleaned to retain its appearance.

  • Currently available in the Tonka color only.

Shearling Teddy Bear

Simple Shearling Teddy Bear - $55.00

You may click on the picture for a more detailed close up.

A real simple shearling bear but loved by many youngsters over the years. The bear has standard toy eyes and a soft, sewn on polyester nose. Simple is always best and it in no way detracts from the pleasure one is sure to get holding it close.

  • Approximately 9˝" high and stuffed with pure polyester stuffing.

  • Because of the eyes and nose it is recommended for ages 3 and over only but, if desired, can be produced without the eyes and nose (and the ribbon which comes off immediately anyway).

  • This bear should be dry cleaned for best results but an occasional hand washing will do it no harm.

  • Available in Tonka, Black (Additional Cost)

Sheepskin Baby BootiesBaby Booties
Sml - $27.00
Med-Lrg - $31.00

You may click on the picture for a more detailed close up.

Soft sheepskin slippers for the littlest ones. The sides can be flipped up and we have punched additional holes so they can be laced up like a boot. Suede lace ties.

  • Available in infant sizes Small (1-2), Medium (3-4) or Large (5-6).

  • Approximate corresponding ages are, Small 0-9 months, Medium 9-16 months, Large 16 to 24 months.

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