Retail Locations Where You Will Find Our Products (And A Wealth Of Other Interesting Goods)

Shepherd's Flock« provides shearling products to a number of small, independent retailers nationwide. All of the retail establishments we deal with have one thing in common, they strive to offer the public the finest of products within their field of expertise. Some are leather goods retailers, some concentrate on natural fibers, all offer a wide variety of products that will be of interest to you.  
Alas, the economy is taking it's toll and some folks are retiring or just cutting their available product lines. So, as far as this page goes, we are down to just one but we don't want to eliminate the page since it has served to send business their way and they are doing rather well.
We do sell to other stores but they have chosen not to be listed. So, we honor their request.
At many of the stores, you will even find shearling products other than those we produce.  We only do business with quality stores with reputable owners so you should expect only the best of service at any of these locations.
Please do keep in mind that these are independent retailers. Prices will vary from our own and from store to store. They have much more overhead than we do and they actually carry our items in stock for immediate purchase, we do not. We do, however, feel that if you visit one or more of the stores listed you will find something that pleases you even if it is not one of our products. We also believe that you will likely return to visit them again in the future.

Please click on the image for more details about the store.

Sheepgate, Blandford, MA. SHEEPGATE


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