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Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia

Archimedes watchs over production
Archimedes takes control of the production of "Kitten Nannies". It is fitting as Archimedes was bottle fed. We told our contact that cats love to sleep in the pieces as well.

In the fall of 2011 a member of the organization contacted us because she had been "hanging out" on our site for a time and stumbled upon the page that was dedicated to Gus the kitten. She serves as a foster parent for animals waiting to be adopted and related her stories regarding kittens that she and others have to care for that are in need of nourishment given via a bottle.

Some kittens will take to the bottle without any hesitation, others are not so inclined. She related to us that they had tried everything in the way of synthetics to simulate a "mother" but that was being met with limited success. The tale of Gus and his foster situation was all it took to send her our way. Surely this would work.

We shipped her a nice size box of pieces and tried to send larger ones that we knew would be of more use to her and her project and she began to create "kitten nannies" to be distributed to the various foster homes of these darling little ones.

We have some stats for you. In 2011, 36,000 dogs and cats were turned into the ACCT (then operating under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) . 1900 cats and 900 dogs were turned in in October 2011 alone. These are staggering numbers. But, they are tasked with caring for a great deal more than dogs and cats. Remember this covers the city of Philadelphia. The following have also been their responsibility at one time or another:

Pot Belly Pigs
Roosters (used for fighting) an entire room full
2015 base statistics are here.

Our former, but much loved (sometimes), "Boss" was a shelter animal. He was about a year old and was found by a member of a Town Road Crew stuffed in a cardboard box on the side of the road. All the animals we have had the good fortune to share our spaces with have been from a shelter including our first dog, a "coy dog" long before anyone recognized such in these parts.

Our current Boss, "The Daniel" has his own Facebook Photo Album and, yes, he came from ACCT Philly.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, please contact them if you are in need of a pet or wish to serve as a foster home. At the very least, please become a fan of their Facebook Page.


Feeding Kitten
Feeding Kitten Close Up Feeding Kitten Reverse Showing Bottle Feeding Kitten Close Up


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