Save yourself all the cash advance fees. As a resident of the UK you have options to keep your cost down. Don't say we told you, but for the most part things have been going through VAT free, especially our well loved ear muffs. Write a cheque for a few Pounds and save a bundle in excess fees (which are really hidden in your credit card agreement), especially with Shepherd's Flock® Rewards.
Prices posted are only for a personal cheque or bank draft in Sterling and INCLUDE shipping costs as well as your 10% rewards discount. These prices do not apply to credit card orders. Orders for multiple items may be discounted depending upon shipping (mailing) costs. Prices DO NOT include VAT which you may have to pay prior to delivery of your order.
In most cases you are most certainly well advised to purchase larger items like slippers, mittens, etc. directly from a company in the UK. It will likely be less expensive and a whole lot easier if you need to exchange something. We have a few companies listed on our competitors page that you might try.


  • STANDARD---- £ 25.50
    W/LEATHER BAND---- £ 26.75

    W/LEATHER BAND---- £ 32.25

  • COVERED BAND---- £ 40.50

  • GREAT WHITES---- £ 33.50
    W/LEATHER BAND---- £ 35.75

  • WOMEN'S INSOLES---- £ 22.50



  • MEN'S INSOLES---- £ 23.25

  • EYEGLASS CASE---- £ 19.75

  • SEAT BELT COVER 12 INCH---- £ 24.50

  • STEERING WHEEL COVER---- £ 28.00

  • CAN SLIPPER--- £ 21.75

  • EYEGLASS SLIPPER--- £ 21.75

  • CUP SKIRT--- £ 18.25


Prices are checked/updated monthly to reflect currency movements.

 The Fine Print:
  • Unless otherwise noted you should allow four to six weeks for your order to be produced and shipped  or you may contact us prior to ordering for approximate production time. To qualify for these prices you must pay by cheque or bank draft drawn in Sterling.  Rewards calculation is prefigured on the above prices.

  • Order  details should be  placed by email  (no special form needed) and we will then tell you whom to make the cheque payable to and where to send it. The cheque may be processed prior to the production of your order to protect our UK agent. Please do not make your cheque payable to Shepherd's Flock, wait for our instructions.

  • Returns are for "store credit", minus shipping/handling charges or direct exchange only. We simply cannot afford to offer refunds of any kind. Merchandise should be returned to us in new, re-sellable condition within 14 days of receipt of the order or, if the merchandise is a gift, within 14 days after the gift is received. Please notify us prior to returning any item. 

  • All shipments for listed items above are via Standard Air Post  unless you, the customer, request otherwise and are willing to pay the additional charges.

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