Just a brief note that many credit card companies are charging cash advance fees (upwards of 3% or much more) for you to use your card  in an international transaction.

All our prices are quoted in US Dollars which will be subject to the exchange rate of your credit card issuer plus whatever fees they add to the total. We cannot realistically predict the actual cost you will be charged in your native currency.

Orders from any country that accepts imports from the United States  are gladly accepted. (See our notes at the bottom of the page.) Payment for your order may be by credit card or by bank draft drawn in US Dollars.  Please contact us  with all the details of your order first and include what country you are from so that we may give you a complete breakdown of costs. 

Merchandise will be shipped via Air Post. We do not normally use private international carriers. Global Priority Mail (faster transit time) is available, but more costly. FedEx is also available but only if you have a FedEx number and are willing to have it charged to your account. We will impose a $10 fee for all the paperwork necessary on top of the FedEx charge (which will absolutely floor you so to speak).

Note that you, the customer, are responsible for any governmental duties/tariffs at the time of delivery. We do not falsify customs documents. All orders are listed as merchandise on customs forms except for resoles which are noted as repairs. Please see our notes regarding our experiences to date.

 The Fine Print:
  • Unless otherwise noted you should allow four to six weeks for your order to be produced and shipped  or you may contact us prior to ordering for approximate production time. Orders must be prepaid by bank draft in US$, MasterCard® or Visa® (NO, WE DO NOT TAKE American Express® or Discover®). Charges are not processed until we are ready to ship. Bank drafts will be deposited well in advance of the ship date.

  • Order  details are best  placed by email  (no special form needed) but please indicate what country you are from when you contact us. Orders are gladly accepted by phone or post. Address and phone number follow the fine print.

  • Credit/Debit Card users please review our Card Acceptance Policy prior to ordering.

  • Returns are for "store credit", minus shipping/handling charges or direct exchange only. We simply cannot afford to offer refunds of any kind. Merchandise should be returned to us in new, re-sellable condition within 14 days of receipt of the order or, if the merchandise is a gift, within 14 days after the gift is received. Please notify us prior to returning any item. 

  • As noted above, all  international shipments are via standard Air Post (Air Mail) unless you, the customer, request otherwise and are willing to pay the additional charges.




PHONE # Country Code-1-802-365-4588
7 Days a week between 8AM and 7PM Eastern Time. Please look at the clock as we are not nice if we are called off hours. There is no answering machine. If you do not get an answer call back in a few hours because we do take some time off on occasion. When we answer, it will be with a simple "Hello" so do not be alarmed, that is just how we do business.

ADDRESS: Shepherd's Flock, PO Box 131, Townshend, VT 05353-0131, USA
If you wish to send in an order via the post with a bank draft please contact us via email first with all necessary information and we will send you the order form all filled out for you. Bank drafts should be in US$ and made payable to "Shepherd's Flock".



Note that every country has the right to charge duties/tariffs on imported merchandise or completely deny access to their sovereign markets if that is of their choosing. We respect that, and only present the following as a matter of information based on what we have learned to date. Any customer from any country may experience difficulties and/or unforeseen costs. Also, again,  please do not ask us to falsify customs documents (some folks actually post that they will.) Our ability to export is something we cherish so we play by the rules.

In many instances, but certainly not all, countries are letting smaller items through duty free. However, you should expect to pay some kind of duty/VAT/GST fees upon delivery of your merchandise and be pleasantly surprised when you don't. These will be collected by your post office personnel before they hand you the package.

To date, shipments to Europe usually arrive within about a week  to ten days from mailing date. Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc., delivery is normally about two weeks from mailing date. Canada, our wonderful neighbor to the north, well, a week to a month seems a good bet. Sometimes our packages just get severely hung up in your system (although we understand it is not just our packages which makes us feel a bit better).

Our experience, based upon requests,  is that we cannot ship to either North or South Korea.   Otherwise, we have had little trouble. Oh, yes, don't even ask us to ship to Nigeria unless you send real US currency in advance. :)

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