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That's right folks, there is no point and click ordering here and that really confuses the heck out of the youngsters who don't have a clue how to buy something otherwise. We have real reasons for not doing so. See our FAQ regarding  "point and click ordering"  for a very honest answer.

 You may zip down to specific sections by using the text index below (come on, we know it is old fashioned but if you click on the blue words it will take you somewhere) or read on to learn some of the frustrations of dealing with those VISA® and MASTERCARD® folks and get a feel for why we like to communicate with our customers instead of just sitting at the end of an electronic stream filling your order.


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What was that? Communicate? Well, customer service really is a two way street. In order for us to serve you to the best of our ability you have to do more than point the courser at an item you may not even  want and click a button. If you are lucky, you might even remember where you were when you clicked. There are so many "stores" out there it is easy to forget who you bought what from. Every year we get calls from people who swore they ordered something on line (point and click) from us and they want to know where their merchandise is. And then there are the folks who  return items we don't even sell. We suspect that is simply shopping overload, somewhat akin to the information overload we all get when we type a single word into Google. But, getting merchandise back that is not yours is really frustrating, especially when it comes with a nasty letter.
We start our communication with you on our web site by fully describing our products as well as giving you pictures of the items. Put yourself in the position of a visually impaired individual who uses new technology to "read" the web pages. A single picture with a price isn't worth much. Besides, while pictures may be worth a thousand words, it usually helps to know a few basic facts about the products you are looking at.
We may be long winded but we like to "communicate" with our customers and we honestly don't want to sell you something that may not be what you want. Look at the pictures, read the descriptions and we will be most happy to answer any questions that you have before you buy (or don't as the case may be). Never be afraid to ask. We really do know what we are selling. And, yes, if we do not think we can give you what you want we really will tell you. We apologize, in advance, for our honesty.

We always welcome communication via email. Email is great.  We usually pick up email between 3 and 5 AM  and will try to get back to you within 24 hours. When we are "on the road" that is limited by our ability to connect to the Internet but we do try. You may order via email if desired but  since we can't promise you total credit card security via email, you should call in your number. While it may be slightly old fashioned the best, most secure, methods of ordering from us are by using the phone (land line) or the mail. Watch your cell phones folks. We find it rather amazing how many people are perfectly happy to transmit financial information over the air waves.  Of course it would seem many folks just use their boss's phone to order. It doesn't cost anything and they get paid to shop.  :)

You may call us with an order or questions at 802-365-4588  ( 8 AM to 7 PM EASTERN TIME  PLEASE, PLEASE, NOT BEFORE 8 AM  OR  AFTER 7 PM EASTERN TIME. WE CAN GET REAL UGLY WHEN SOMEONE DRAGS US OUT OF BED AT 2 AM ). No, it isn't a toll free number and those who mistakenly dial an 800 instead of 802 are in for a shock. :) In our own defense, so many folks have unlimited free calling plans it doesn't make much sense for us to pay the phone company for a call you would have made for free anyway. But, beware! We just say "Hello" when we answer the phone. Please don't panic. Just mutter something about sheepskin or shearling or what-have-you and we will pick up the ball. 

In almost all cases you will be greeted by Kathy or Rick. (Just two people, remember, unless the boys are home for a visit.) We don't have an answering machine. (So "but I left a message on your machine" doesn't work with us. Love that one 'cause people we are trying to get in touch with try to use it as an excuse when we complain that they never called us back.) If you don't get an answer after 4 or 5 rings then simply hang up and call back in a few hours. We do take some time off on occasion or have outside obligations to tend to. However, if it is your preference  to be left on hold listening to lousy music for hours or pushing buttons endlessly as you go through prompt after prompt, then you will just have to do that elsewhere as we can't oblige you. You may go play with their phone system and call us back when you are done. The timing will probably be about right. 

Yes, we do accept MasterCard® and Visa® (including debit cards, but with a $25 minimum) for telephone orders or orders by mail (and at shows) but we prefer checks or money orders so the "financial institutions" don't get their slice of our pie. They are already got bailed out with our tax money.  There must be 5 or 6 companies dipping into the pot before the charge actually makes it back to you. They get an ever growing percentage now (June '12 - 19% with all their new fees) and what, may we ask, do they do for their money besides hassle us? Let's face it, what kind of fool would pay a company exorbitant fees for the privilege of having them constantly telling you how they expect you to run your business? Well, us that's who, but we don't have to like it and we have a right to say so. If MasterCard® and Visa® have their way there will be no such thing as a nice, personal, small business left anywhere. It's not like they have anything to lose. If we take a card that isn't any good (even if we follow all their rules) who do you think is out the cash? They fine you for this, they fine you for that, but if they screw up your deposit and misplace your money they don't feel they have any responsibility in the matter. A $45 charge because a customer forgot they bought something from us? Yep, that was the last straw.
But, for you kind people who send in money orders, please do not go to the extra expense. If you send us a good check we are most happy to accept it and it won't slow down shipment of your order. Matter of fact either checks or money orders qualify for our "Shepherd's Flock Rewards" program. We  discount your cost by what the "financial institutions" would be taking out of our pocket on a credit or debit card sale and all the additional labor that now goes in to processing the cards.. This is a "win/win" situation. Well, you and us, not so great for the credit card company.

We do not ship COD and   "we DON'T take American Express®" or Discover®

Posted prices are honored until they are changed. Yes, we charge you for shipping and handling and those basic charges are noted at the bottom of the page.  Orders are shipped via First Class® or Priority Mai. Additional shipping can be done with FedEx®.  No, absolutely no UPS®. We really like the folks who deliver the packages but management attitude is, well, "corporate". Never have gotten along with them too well.

Many orders come packaged in a nice red, white and blue box but that is as close as we get to wrapping. We do have a couple of basic gift cards that we will be happy to enclose if you ask. But, for that very personal touch, you may send us your own special card and we will be sure to get it in the right box. (Really!) Just let us know that you wish to do such and we will tell you how to proceed. Bet the folks at "Eddie Beans End" can't pull that one off. 

Under normal circumstances  it may actually take four weeks or even a little longer  for your order to be produced and shipped (a good case of the flu, a major snowstorm or a hurricane like Irene does throw us behind but we try to factor that in). We really are telling you the truth. We actually make this stuff (except for the gloves although we occasionally do some of those too).  We do not keep products in stock, only skins. As orders are placed the items are carefully cut, sewn, and shipped to the customer. In many cases that is all done by the same pair of hands.  We do like to have hand or foot tracings. It is not absolutely necessary but we believe we can give you a better fit that way. And, yes, sometimes we get very, very, busy. So, we may say up to four weeks but at least we are being honest.  (Darn, there is that honesty thing again.)

Now, if you have decided that we are just a bit too weird or too slow to do business with,  you might try our index of competitors. There actually are people out there who would prefer not to talk to you at all  so have a ball with your "click" finger and your telephone prompts. Isn't progress just wonderful? Heck, we know MasterCard® and Visa® just love those folks.


Confidentiality of Customer Information
(a/k/a Privacy Policy) 

A privacy policy that doesn't take you hours to read. That is because we have nothing to hide. We at Shepherd's Flock® have a great deal of respect for individual privacy because we are people too. 

  • We DO NOT maintain ANY type of database (besides a mental one) on our customers. If we recognize you  it is purely because we actually remember you, not because our computer flashed your name and info up on the monitor screen. All records are on paper and, therefore, not vulnerable to hackers tapping into our computers. Heck, we don't even have caller ID. All paper is shredded at appropriate intervals, including any return addresses on envelopes. Sorry, the IRS requires that we keep certain records for at least 3 years. But, those are shredded when we are in the clear.

  • We DO NOT give, sell, or otherwise distribute any information of any kind about our customers to any third party unless responding to a court order to do so. (No, that hasn't happened yet.) 

  • We DO NOT send unsolicited mail or email and DO NOT retain your email address (or your emails) beyond the time frame necessary to allow for problems that might occur after your order is shipped. We delete email very frequently. 

  • We DO NOT do telemarketing of any kind and only use your phone number to contact you specifically about your order. If you ever get a telemarketing call from "Shepherd's Flock®" the very first thing you should do is call us. We will find and "tread on" the perpetrator.

  • We DO NOT knowingly participate in any program that tracks your buying habits. (That is one of the reasons for no on-line ordering. These transactions actually go through a third party and it has been our experience that those third parties have a field day with the information they collect.)  Since all transactions with us are completed off line only you, we, the bank you drew your check on or your credit card underwriter know that you purchased from us. Of course they (the bank,  the credit card company, and the credit reporting agencies) are busy selling your info to anyone with a bit of cash but that ain't our fault.
    Any personal information we request of you either for an order or in person at a show is simply to better serve you or to protect ourselves and you from credit card fraud, not to pass on to any other person or firm. This is the way it should be, and the way it will always be here. You can count on it!

  • We DO, however, use 3 statistical programs with a "session cookie" that helps us see how you found us, what keywords you used in your search (example: one person did a search for "does anyone work in Vermont in Winter"  with Google) and whether or not you stuck around for a time but there is no personally identifiable information recorded. We use Google Analytics and Statcounter as well as Quantcast, which uses statistical modeling to look at our "audience". It's pretty cool and we can make most stats public so we will let you have a peak.  In other words, we don't have a clue who stopped by for a visit or even where you go when you leave our site. In all honesty, we wish it weren't necessary but the information helps this little two horse shop maintain a reasonable position on the major search engines without buying ads which would bankrupt us in a week.

Privacy tips:

Tired of the junk mail, the endless credit card and insurance solicitations, phone calls from[ACLU Defend Your Data Collection] telemarketers that interrupt  your life and all those firms making all that money by selling your data. Yes, you can do something and, for the most part, it does help.

  • The National Do Not Call List will stop most of those annoying calls (except, of course, the political ones).   Changed to permanent removal as opposed to the 5 year span it was. You really should do this unless you like annoying sales calls. (Beware, it will not prevent political calls. They conveniently wrote in an exception for themselves.) It does not prevent calls from scammers etc. but it will stop a large number of the nuisance calls. Yes, we get those calls from "Credit Card Services" too. The Feds are just having a difficult time locating them.

  • The Mail Preference Service of the Direct Marketing Association will stop a lot of the miscellaneous junk mail. However, they keep changing how their system is set up. It is worth checking out though.

  • Stop most credit card and insurance solicitations by "Opting Out" of prescreened offers of credit. Believe us, this makes a very big difference. Good for 5 years but, if done by mail, you can request a permanent removal. Spend a bit of time and send a letter. It is worth the effort and it helps cut down on the chances someone will use such to steal your identity.

  • "Opt Out" of affiliate sharing done by banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Note that some States, like Vermont, have turned the tables and actually require that you "Opt In" much to the dismay of the banking industry.

  • Check your credit reports annually for mistakes and to see who has been checking up on you. Beware, there are numerous sites out there who give you reports for free it if you buy their "plan". The linked site is the only one where the 3 Primary Credit Reporting Agencies must do it free of charge, no strings attached. If you don't want to use the on-line feature you can do it by phone but the number is hard to find and we can't link directly to the page. (You would be surprised how much wrong info they have on you, like a young friend who found out his mother's mortgage was being reported on his credit history. When he tried to buy a house the bank told him he couldn't afford two mortgages. This is a true story. It took him some time to get it straightened out. Meanwhile he had to wait for the mortgage.) 

  • Opt out of "targeted" advertising from Internet marketing companies. While this does not prevent ads on your pages it stops the companies from following you around and placing ads on the pages that are specifically meant for you. (Although we heard recently that some of these firms are cheating and it does seem to not work fairly frequently.)

  • A list of  a host of other companies keeping track of you. This will set you back just a wee bit.

  • Ghostery, a nice little browser add on that tells you who is tracking you on a given site/page. It also allows you to set up selective blocking but, regrettably, does not identify NSA tracking.  Wink Check it out but prepare to be amazed (and a bit frightened).

  • Do the Total Opt Out. Move to the Google "Opt Out Village". You will thank yourself for it but you have to get through the ad to see the video. :)

  • Note that when it comes to identify theft and accidental (cough, choke, laugh) release of data (like your social security number), different States have different laws. Call your State's Attorney General's office at once for information concerning your rights if something happens to you. Do not delay and follow through. It is very inconvenient for you, not for the ones who "misplaced" your data.


Don't laugh, we have shipped numerous items to Hawaii.

Package shipped to locations in the North East
Package shipped to all other US States and territories,  APO/FPO/DPO addresses:
$1 to $35 $8.00 $1 to $35 $8.00
$36 to$71 $14.00 $36 to$71 $14.00
$72 and Over $16.00 $72 and Over $18.00

1 pair of gloves s/h is $14 otherwise follow the chart.
3 pair of ear muffs s/h is $14 otherwise follow the chart.

1 pair of gloves s/h is $14 otherwise follow the chart.
3 pair of ear muffs s/h is $14 otherwise follow the chart.

  "Click Here" for S/H information and cost comparisons so you can see why we ship via USPS. We will FedEx an order for you but at a much higher cost.


PHONE # 802-365-4588

7 Days a week between 8AM and 7PM Eastern Time.  Please look at the clock as we are not nice if we are called off hours. There is no answering machine. If you do not get an answer call back in a few hours because we do take some time off on occasion. When we answer, it will be with a simple "Hello" so do not be alarmed, that is just how we do business.

If you call in and need to get back to the product page simply scroll down to the very bottom of this page where you will find links to all of our basic pages, each of which will open in a new window for you. Really, it is that fast and  simple.

ADDRESS: Shepherd's Flock, PO Box 131, Townshend, VT 05353-0131


Credit/Debit Card users please review our Card Acceptance Policy prior to ordering.

Please see section below for general ordering information:

  • Ear muffs, insoles, eyeglass cases, and seat belt covers will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days of receipt of the order or faster. On other items it will depend upon where you come up in line. Contact us for our approximate lag time. It does vary on a daily basis and, at times, it could be up to four weeks or longer at certain times of the year.

  • Orders must be prepaid by check, money order, MasterCard® or Visa®. Checks are not deposited nor charges processed until we are ready to ship. We do not ship COD. Checks and money orders are eligible for "Shepherd's Flock Rewards" , a 10% immediate discount on both cost of the merchandise and s/h charges. Checks/money orders should be made payable to "Shepherd's Flock".

  • Orders may be placed by email, if desired, but we recommend phoning in your credit card #. Orders are gladly accepted by phone or simply handwritten and sent via mail. If you feel more comfortable with a standardized order blank then we actually finally made one. "Click Here" to download  our improved "official" order blank. Note that you cannot save the typed in information but you can print it out completely filled in and then mail it to us. Please remember that an email address is the most efficient method of communication for us so an email address that you actually check is really a good idea. Beware that, at times, our emails will end up in your SPAM box. We do not, however, send out unsolicited email so please do not be concerned.

  • Returns are for "store credit", minus shipping/handling charges or direct exchange only. We simply cannot afford to offer refunds of any kind. Merchandise should be returned to us in new, re-sellable condition within 14 days of receipt of the order or, if the merchandise is a gift, within 14 days after the gift is received. Please do not return items without notifying us first. And, please, do not contact us about a return/exchange and then wait 3 months to send it back.

  • Most shipments are via First Class® or Priority Mail®. Shipments can be done  via FedEx® but the cost will be much greater. No, we do not use UPS®.   International shipments are via Air Mail. Note that once we turn the order over to the shipper we have no control over how long it takes to get your order.

  • International orders are always welcome. Please go to our International Page

  • Sorry, no gift wrapping, fancy boxes, etc.. Two gift cards are available or, if you contact us well in advance,  you may have us  enclose a personal card with your gift. Ask for details.

  • Vermont residents will have to add 6% sales tax to the value of any non- wearables.

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MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, and Discover® are all registered trademarks as well and do not belong to us.  We don't need to post the info as you all know who they belong to.

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