Available Colors

Suede Products (except gloves)
Suede color should be used as a guide when ordering mittens, hats, slippers, baby booties, and eyeglass cases.

The color sample below is to be used only as a guide. Leather and wool color will vary a great deal from one skin to the next. This is especially true since most of the shearlings we use are "antiqued" colors, not solid ones. Briefly explained the skin is dyed and then the color buffed off. This results in shade variations from one part of the skin to another. Computer graphics don't help much either. Even if we used the best resolution possible the sample on your screen would not be a perfect representation of color. 

TONKATonka is the only suede color available when ordering. The leather color is a basic tan. This is what many refer to as "natural" but it is dyed. The wool is white/off white underneath with a cinnamon color tipping. Please note that the color will vary, sometimes considerably, from one skin to the next both on the wool side and the leather side. Tanned and finished in the good old USA from US skins. 100% AMERICAN LAMBSKIN

Slipper Sole

Bark Tanned SheepskinIn the process of changing. We will be moving to back to chrome tanned skins for the bottoms of our slippers. We have been having quality issues with both sources for vegetable tanned leather.
We use vegetable (bark) tanned skins for the bottoms of our slippers. Bark tanned skins are primarily used on the underside of high quality saddles. These skins are purchased exclusively for slipper bottoms and are not used in any other products except a couple of novelty items (which are called "slippers" as well). It is more ridged than the suede used in the uppers and tends to be fairly durable. Note that this is real sheepskin, just tanned in a specialized manner for specific uses. We have had some folks question us on that matter. :)

Tanned in Mexico and finished in USA from US skins.  Currently, the US tanner would not know a good product if it jumped out and bit them. (Honest)

Long Wool Trim

Long Wool TrimThe natural white shearlings we use for the Foot Muff, the Hand Muff,  the brim on the Shaggy Brim Hat, and the Great White Ear Muffs are tanned and finished in China from Australian or New Zealand skins. These come into the tannery as unshorn skins and are not clipped during processing. The wool length varies from about 1.5 inches to about 2.5 inches. There may be some yellowing (lanolin staining) as these are not bleached, only thoroughly washed and  tanned.

Standard Ear Muffs

TONKATonka is the only color available in our standard ear muffs. Tonka is basically a white wool with a cinnamon color tip.  Please note that there is always an extreme variance. Sometimes the tipping will be darker, sometimes lighter.  We had to scan a sample with a dark enough tip to be picked up by the scanner but not so dark as to appear as a solid color. Tanned and finished in the USA from US skins. 100% AMERICAN LAMBSKIN (Ear Muffs)

Traditional And Covered Band Style Ear Muffs and Sheepskin Plates

TRADITIONAL EAR MUFF COLOR SELCTIONThese solid wool colors are fairly faithful although there will always be some variance. From left to right, Black, Pure White, and Brown.  The covered band style ear muffs are also available in Tonka, pictured above. White, Black, and Brown skins are tanned and finished in the USA or China from US, European, New Zealand, or Australian skins. Wool length is 5/8 inch. (Ear Muffs) (Plates) Larger pictures are available by visiting our close up page for the Traditional Ear Muffs.

Special Ear Muffs, Sheepskin Plates, Steering Wheel Covers, Equestrian Supplies, and Seat Belt Covers

Color Samples for Special Ear Muffs, Seat Belt Covers, Steering Wheel Covers, Sheepskin PlatesThese solid wool color samples are fairly faithful, however, there will some variance from one skin to another. From left to right, Light Grey, Butter, Pure White, Black, Dark Brown, Wine, Navy Blue, Off White, and Tan.  Please note that the white is a true white. Tanned and finished in China from US, Australian, European or New Zealand skins.  Wool length runs between 7/8 and 1 inch.  (Ear Muffs) (Seat Belt Covers) (Steering Wheel Covers) (Plates) (Equestrian Products) Larger pictures are available by visiting our close up page for the Special Ear Muffs.

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