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Made In Vermont, USA


ShepherdSheepskin is a wonderful product, just as suitable for a variety of simple uses as it is for slippers or all the other products that one is used to seeing on the market. How about a nice simple pair of shearling insoles for that pair of winter boots? Perhaps a sheepskin seat belt cover to keep the shoulder strap from rubbing on your neck quite so badly? What about something for that feline friend of yours? Maybe you would just like a little box of shearling pieces to help that first grader do a special project for school. This is where we put those little "special items" that you don't yet realize  are a "must have" and we got a bunch of 'em.
For our international customers many of the smaller items (single items) can usually be shipped worldwide for US$ 18.00 to US$ 21.00. Two to three of these items can usually be shipped worldwide for between US$ 21.00 and US$ 25.00.

Prices for items on this page qualify for "Shepherd's Flock® Rewards" discounts.


Men's - $15.00/pr
Women's - $14.00/pr

Tired of wimpy innersoles? (or  sheepskin footbeds or sheepskin footpads as some are calling them now.) Our real sheepskin innersoles are produced from prime imported sheepskins.  Our sheepskin innersoles have a thick, deep, 7/8" (minimum) wool pile that makes them great for winter boots or an old pair of slippers. (Not suitable for street shoes since the wool does take extra space). These are 100%  plush shearling. There is no rubber or other backing attached. Innersoles are pre-cut to standard American whole sizes but you may cut them down a bit more if necessary. Women's whole sizes 5-10. Men's whole sizes 7-13.  Some larger men's sizes are available for a slightly higher price. We can also custom cut to your pattern for a slightly higher price. We do have conversion charts for international sizes and will be happy to  send the closest corresponding US size out to our international customers. Color may vary from the picture somewhat. Insoles are normally shipped in the butter color. Insoles are normally shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.



Standard 12" Length - $17.00  EACH
Custom Length - $1.50   PER INCH
(Custom length non exchangeable. Price calculated from the first inch. IE: 15" cover price is $22.50 or a 10" cover is $15.00.) 

Do NOT use on seat belts with built in air bags!

Our sheepskin seat belt (shoulder harness) cover is produced from carefully selected domestic or imported sheepskins with a one inch wool length. We have designed it to better fit the shoulder harness which prevents rolling around on the belt and sliding up and down when you don't want it to. Easily attached with hook and loop fastener down one side. (We can't call it Velcro® because it is a "knock off " but it works the same.) Its ultimate use though is to keep the harness from rubbing on your neck. (Seat Belt Cover FAQ'S) If our standard length is too long or too short you can tell us exactly what length you desire and we will be happy to cut to your specifications (price per inch above). If you are interested in covering some other kind of strap then just let us know and we will be happy to quote a price. We have done strap covers for amusement park rides, guitars and other musical instruments, and even for tie down straps on motorcycle trailers (can't be messing up the chrome or the paint on the $20,000+ chopper). NINE COLORS AVAILABLE, LIGHT GREY, BLACK,  DARK  BROWN, PURE WHITE, WINE, NAVY BLUE, OFF WHITE, TAN, and BUTTER.  Note that the white is just that, white. (See Colors) Seat belt covers, standard length,  will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.


Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover from Shepherd's FlockSHEEPSKIN STEERING WHEEL COVERS - $22.00
see retirement discount list

Genuine sheepskin steering wheel covers that will match many, but not all, of our color offerings for seat belt covers. These are available in TAN only now.
Will fit most modern day steering wheels, approximately 14.5 to 15. 5 inch diameter. Nope, sorry, they won't fit your classic 1956 Chevy.
Produced in China by one of the reputable tanners we do business with. Steering Wheel Cover FAQ'S.

Steering Wheel Covers will  normally shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.


Sheepskin Eye Glass CaseEYEGLASS CASES - $10.00

A popular inexpensive item. Eyeglass Cases are produced in one size only. The thinner wooled cases accommodate larger framed glasses while the thicker wooled cases are best for narrow frame glasses. Helps to prevent scratching of the lenses and, to quote a customer, "the ability (due to the roughness of the sheepskin ) to stay in the pocket where I put them. I can't tell you how many glasses I have lost because the attractive leather cases are smooth and they fall out of my shirt pockets!" Note that eyeglass cases will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.


Eyeglass Slipper by Shepherd's Flock

see retirement discount list

For reading glasses that you normally just set on the table unprotected. 100% shearling suede upper with a bark tanned base (sole). The sheepskin base has been sheared clear of wool and adds stability to the product as it is rigid and firm. Sit and read your book, paper or magazine and, when you are done, just drop your glasses in their own slipper. If you make a habit of it you will always know where your glasses are.  Note that eyeglass slippers will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.


Cup Skirt by Shepherd's Flock

CUP SKIRT - $8.00
see retirement discount list

Inspired by a straight leather "cup sleeve" with a  designer label, we worked very hard to come up with a spoof which turned out to be a really nice item. (Took 4 tries to get it right.)
This carries the stamp of approval from our Face Book fans, a lucky few of which got to test them out free of charge. The name was also perfected on Face Book with our fans. Thank you all.
This is 100 % shearling (of course) and it not only protects your hands from hot coffee but also helps to insulate the cup a bit and it is just so cool everyone will want to know where you got it especially the folks at that fancy coffee place.
And, a public Face Book joke, ours does not cost $195 (Jimmy Choo®*, original price, but it keeps dropping if you can find them). So, we borrowed the idea. Wonder how long it will be before you can buy an UGG Australia®** cup something? Wink The $195/$165 price tag seems about right.
  Note that cup skirts will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.

*Jimmy Choo® is a registered trade mark of you know who, Jimmy Choo, and we make no claim to be associated with him. We just like poking fun at him.
**UGG Australia®  belongs to Decker's Corp and we have absolutely no intention of treading on their trademark.


Can Slipper by Shepherd's Flock

CAN SLIPPER - $13.00
see retirement discount list

Yet another designer label item and they actually did it in shearling though not 100% like we do. Tested and approved by some lucky Face Book fans. (See what you are missing?) You can call it what you want, a can koozie, a beer koozie, a drink coozie, you name it, we call it a slipper.
Shearling suede upper with shearling bottom. Like the Eyeglass Slipper, the wool has been sheared off the bottom for stability. A must have for "one upping the neighbors". You know you have to have one of these. Like, really!!!!
Note that can slippers will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.


Sheepskin Fridge Magnets (Freeps)FREEPS ™
Standard Freep - $3.00
Wooly Freep - $4.00

The cutest and fuzziest "fridge magnets" you will ever see. Genuine shearling, carefully hand cut into the shape of a miniature sheepskin with magnets placed in two positions. The Standard Freeps (bottom two) are cut from the Tonka color, 5/8 inch wool, which is our base product color (will vary in coloration). The Wooly Freeps (top two) are cut from the 1 inch off white shearlings we use for a variety of products like our insoles. Pre-K through 3rd grade teachers, if you want a bunch for your students please email us and we will discuss a quantity price depending on the time frame you can give us for your order.


Custom Cut 1" Wool Length Skins - $.20   PER SQUARE INCH
Custom Cut 5/8" Wool Length Skins - $.25 PER SQUARE INCH
Custom Cut Long Wool Skins, Ivory Color only - $.25 PER SQUARE INCH

We have had many people ask us if they can buy a specific size piece of sheepskin from us. Yes, just figure out your dimensions and we will be happy to cut it for you. This can be a small piece for a jewelry box or a larger piece to cover a seat. Please note that sheepskins are not generally very large. The largest size piece we can normally get is about 18X36 inches but that will vary by the skin. But, even if you desire something large it doesn't hurt to ask so email us with your dimensions and we will measure the skins we have available and get back to you. Note that the leather is not dyed and will be white to grayish in color. Some pictures from DIY customers as well as some special items we have done are available on our Facebook page. The DIY examples are the last in the series of pictures.




  • Sheepskin plates may not be exchanged or returned.

  • Squares or rectangles only.

  • Sorry but we do not sell plates from our suede skins. (Tonka)

  • Smaller plates will normally be shipped within 3 to five days after the order is received. Larger plates may take up to 6 weeks to ship depending on if we have enough of the color you want in stock.


The Vermont Stoner FamilyTHE VERMONT STONERS
Pa Stoner (left) - $85
Ma Stoner (right) - $75
Baby Stoner (middle) - $50
Whole family, a bargain at $175

If you do not have a clue what is going on here, then you really need to catch up on important news. "Click here" to become a much more educated consumer. Otherwise you just won't get it at all.
We accept the challenge. We are not going to let some big named retailer corner the market. No way!
However, before you decide to spend your hard earned money on stones, we would like to offer you a bridge in Brooklyn that we happen to have a financial interest in and, if you act now, like right away, we will throw in the new Tappan Zee Bridge (Or the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge if you prefer) for no extra charge, you just pay additional shipping and handling. Seriously, we will make you a real good deal here.  Who needs rocks or stones? Bridges are "infrastructure", stones are just, you know, rocks.

  • Click on the picture for a larger image which shows the fine character of these all natural, organic, gluten free, free range, geological, masterpieces.

  • Genuine Vermont Stones, well we think they are. We asked for citizenship papers but no stones had them. They kept mumbling something about rivers and glaciers so they may be illegal immigrants from, of all places, Canada.

  • Pa Stoner comes with Bernie Hair for a more realistic Vermont experience.

  • Vermont stones are so much more attractive than Los Angeles area stones. (We use our rocks in walls and they are real attractive then, even without clothes).

  • Vermont stones get cold so plain leather britches just won't cut it. Only sheepskin will do the trick. And, yes, they are clothed in American Sheepskin, tanned, dyed, and finished in the good old USA!

  • Sheepskin britches don't fit as tight as those form fitting leather pants. True stoners get the munchies and you know what happens to your "form" after too many munchies.

  • They age beautifully and develop a rich character  as drinks get spilled on them and they get covered with orange dust from Doritos® or Cheetos®. (Doritos and Cheetos are registered trademarks of Frito-Lay and we love them.)

  • Come on, use the same money to buy a pair of slippers. We will be happy to fill them full of stones for you (additional shipping and handling charges will apply) or you can fill them up with your own locally grown stones (or rocks if you prefer).


Sheepskin Cat Bed KAT KNAP
16 X 16 Inches - $25.00
20 X 20 Inches - $40.00

Rectangular random patchwork sheepskin cat beds or mats for that special kitty cat in your life. These utilize  4 X 4 and/or 5 X 5 inch squares from all of the different types and wool length skins that go into our general product line. The product has been tested and approved by none other than "The Boss" as well as "The New Boss". You can see it in action on our Kat Knap Wall of Fame. While we cannot absolutely promise your cat will like them they make real nice chair pads as well. Of course, once kitty knows that is where you want to sit, well, you know the rest of the story. Note that these, like the rest of our products, are real sheepskin. Many pet stores are selling you "sheepskin cat beds" that are not made with the real thing. If you really want to pamper your cat, buy them a sheepskin plate (see above). But, take the Boss's word for it, they don't know the difference and they even seem to prefer the multiple textures.

  • VERY LIMITED PRODUCTION Please email us to check before ordering and/or to be put on a waiting list, if desired.

  • Single stitched. Squares may contain some wool knotting, clipper cuts, or leather imperfections none of which will have an impact on the intended use 'cause your cat simply does not care.

  • Not recommended for dogs 'cause The Boss said, "No Dogs" and because dogs tend to chew on the leather as well. (Okay, maybe some dogs.)

  • Standard S/H charges apply but the item may be shipped via "Standard Post" (Parcel Post) instead of First Class or Priority Mail. (Slower delivery time.)

  • IF PRE-CUT PIECES ARE IN STOCK, Kat Knaps will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days of the order.



We can access a variety of sheepskin rugs via one of our suppliers in both single skin and multi-skin rugs in a variety of colors. Email us for details and prices as we cannot adequately convey all the info over the phone. Do note that rugs will be shipped directly from their warehouse but at our normal shipping and handling charges and they will be delivered by UPS. Rugs are so costly to ship it makes no sense for us to pay to have them shipped to us and then turn around and have to pay to ship them to you. The sheepskin rugs are tanned and finished in China from New Zealand and Australian skins.




Doll Made With Sheepskin Pieces
Courtesy Ms. Manders'
 Kindergarten Class. Made with pieces.

We discard hundreds of pounds of sheepskin pieces annually even though they are quite suitable for small crafts projects, animal bedding, or what have you. We are more than happy to send these to anyone who makes a request. 
Cost will vary depending upon how many pounds you desire and where you reside.
Payment for cuttings is by check only. Credit cards may not be used on any orders for cuttings since we essentially give these away. Charges quoted are only for the cost of shipping plus a charge for paperwork and time/materials used packing them. The farther away from Vermont you are, the more they will cost you per pound but we don't have any say in that.
For a real creative idea for using sheepskin pieces, meet Gus the kitten and/or the kitten feeding project by the good people of The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia.

Now, if you wish, you may look for an Independent Retailer, see how to Order some of our products, Print a Price List (pdf),  Contact Us Via Email, or Contact Us Via Phone or Mail  for additional information. No automated response system here, we actually answer your queries personally.  :)

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