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ShepherdWe have just begun this line of products so this page is not yet formatted in our normal style nor does it include a host of products. It is hard to tell how long it will be before we can actually take a stroll to the horse farm down the road and get good pictures. But, for now, we have tried and tested a product with friends and neighbors, including the owner of that farm, and we have had many queries at the shows we do so we are going to go ahead and post some information. You are more than welcome to contact us about something you need covered. It is unlikely we will get into saddle pads or items of that sort.

We are starting with halter covers which is the logical place to start. The rest will come in time and we are always open to queries from our customers. So, pardon the lack of consistency for a time while we work on product design. The web page stuff comes later.

Prices for items on this page qualify for "Shepherd's Flock® Rewards" discounts.

Horse Halter Covers

Any length section - $1.30 per linear inch.
5 piece set as shown - $45
(9" nose band, 2 6" sides, 16" headband and 3" piece for between ring and buckle on the headband.)

This picture was taken in the factory area. No, it is not fancy but you get the idea. Unlike other sources for similar items we are going to make this simple. One price, any piece, based solely on the length. You just send us the length(s) you want and the quantity with each length. If you want, you may even mix and match colors. All halter covers are made from exactly the same shearlings we use for people comfort. If it is good enough for you then certainly it is suitable for that wonderful animal in your life.

  • Available Colors: Pure White, Black, Butter, Light Grey, Wine, Navy Blue, Off White, Tan, and Dark Brown, the same as our ear muffs. (See Colors)

  • Head strap covers may be purchased either with a hook and loop (Velcro® type) fastening system or a solid tube that slips over the webbing. Your option entirely.

  • A three inch cover for the small section that holds the buckle for the head strap will be added at no charge for every head strap cover ordered.

  • Halter covers will normally be shipped within 3 to 5 days after the order is received.



Now, if you wish, you may look for an Independent Retailer, see how to Order some of our products, Print a Price List (pdf),  Contact Us Via Email, or Contact Us Via Phone or Mail  for additional information. No automated response system here, we actually answer your queries personally.  :)

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