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ShepherdMuch of the body's heat loss is through the head (especially for those of us who don't have that much hair left). These shearling hats reduce that heat loss, protect your ears, and provide years of classic style and service. All styles surround your head with a minimum of ˝ inch of wool for comfort and warmth. Unisex styling allows you to choose the look that is best for you.

When ordering please just give us a head circumference measurement, we will determine what size hat to send you. This should be taken slightly above the ears and around the widest part of the forehead. All hats are technically available in Small through Extra Large but you should not assume that our sizes are the same as anyone else's. We can change a hat size just by choosing a specific skin or sewing the crown a little differently.

Are you looking to just cover your ears with something warm and practical? We produce a large assortment of  winter ear muffs that will surely keep those ears warm when the cold winds blow. Jump over to our Ear Muffs page and have a peek.

Prices for items on this page qualify for "Shepherd's Flock® Rewards" discounts.


Hats are generally available in the "Tonka" color only. Click on the picture on the left for a larger picture and color description. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current backlog of orders, orders placed for items on this page may take up to 4 weeks from the time the order is placed until it is shipped. There are plenty of places out there that will be happy to send something out to you, right now. You will find a listing of many places right here.

Four Panel Cuff Sheepskin Hat


Four Panel Cuff Hat - $73.00

Four panel, flat stitched shearling suede crown with short clipped shearling brim. A simple, conservative, yet attractive, sheepskin hat popular with both men and women. Please give us a head circumference measurement when ordering and we will size accordingly. 

You may click on the picture for a more detailed close up.

Shaggy Brim Sheepskin Hat


Shaggy Brim Hat - $73.00

Four panel, flat stitched shearling suede crown with a natural white, long wool, shearling brim. This is basically the same hat as the one above but it is for those who don't mind being noticed walking down the street. This is our most popular  sheepskin hat with women at the shows we do.  Please give us a head circumference measurement when ordering and we will size accordingly. 

You may click on the picture for a more detailed close up.

Sheepskin Trooper Hat

Shearling Trooper Hat by Shepherd's Flock Made In USA

Trooper Hat - $88.00

A classic trooper hat and our most popular sheepskin hat with men (although we sell a lot to women as well). Four panel, flat stitched crown with extra wide ear flaps and suede lace ties. This is one warm hat. Please give us a head circumference measurement when ordering and we will size accordingly. This represents what can happen if you don't send us a measurement.  :)Customer Photo-Trooper hat

Obviously for both men and women since Victoria's Secret was selling very similar hats in 2005 and Self Magazine called upon us for a hat for a photo shoot in Tuscany, Italy in 2007. (Picture Property of Self Magazine/Conde Nast Publications) Clicking on either picture will take to to a more detailed close up.

Now, if you wish, you may look for an Independent Retailer, see how to Order some of our products, Print a Price List (pdf),  Contact Us Via Email, or Contact Us Via Phone or Mail  for additional information. No automated response system here, we actually answer your queries personally.  :)

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