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"Warm Hands"

Sheepskin Mittens Made in Vermont, USA



ShepherdMittens vs. Gloves - Which are warmer? It is an accepted fact that mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves. The large amount of air space in mittens provides better insulation from the cold but that air space also makes using your hands difficult. Gloves are better suited to those people who need finger dexterity in their outdoor activities but at the sacrifice of some warmth especially in prolonged exposure to the cold. But, if you really want warmth there is not much better than a hand muff. Whether you decide on mittens or gloves, (or a hand muff) rest assured that items made from shearling lambskin are some of the warmest you can own.

Prices for items on this page qualify for "Shepherd's Flock® Rewards" discounts.



Mittens are generally available in the "Tonka" color only. Click on the picture to the left for a larger picture and color description.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current backlog of orders, items on this page may take up to 4 weeks from the time the order is placed until it is shipped. Men's gloves are out of stock and women's glove stock is low and may not be replenished. There are plenty of places out there that will be happy to send something out to you, right now. You will find a listing of many places right here.

  Shearling Mittens  $66.00  and  $71.00

Shearling Mittens by Shepherd's Flock Made in USAAvailable in one child's size and adult sizes Small through X-Large. Extra long mittens with slim cut thumb and turn back cuffs. Cuffs can be turned down to cover the entire wrist area if desired or worn up for a fur type appearance (as pictured).

  • Child's length is approximately 8 ¾ " cuff turned up, 10¾" cuff rolled down. Adult sizes, average length is 10" cuff up, 12" cuff down.

  • For best fit please send a hand tracing (How To) fingers together, THUMB OUTSTRETCHED. 

  • Child's size  usually fits early elementary school age children, not very young children.

Child's - $66.00
Adult Sizes (Small thru XLarge) - $71.00


Sheepskin Mittens by Shepherd's Flock
You may click on the picture for a more detailed close up in the Tonka color.

Shearling Hand Muff- $120.00


Shearling Hand Muff by Shepherd's Flock


Totally impractical we admit but we have sold several over the years.  We are putting it up on the web site so people do not have to ask. 
A real Victorian Era style hand muff. Warm as can be at football games where most of the ones we have sold seem to be headed for. Forget holding a beer though. Just won't work. See, we told you it is impractical.

  • Outside is 100% natural white long wool shearling. Inside is completely lined in plush 1 inch thick shearling.

  • Nope, no fancy pockets or purses inside, etc. Just shearling.

  • Width is approximately 11.5 inches not taking into consideration the "fluff". Circumference is about 16 inches, not taking into consideration the "fluff".

  • One size which will fit most women's hands. Come on guys, you would not get caught dead wearing one of these, right? But, it will also fit men who wear small and medium men's size gloves.

  • No sense in putting up a close up as it just looks like a big furry tube which, of course, is exactly what it is.


Note that gloves we sell  by order (below) are a product of Portugal. Our eyes have just gotten to the point where we have to limit our own glove production. Such is the nature or getting older. But, we have done business with these people for 20+ years and, yes, the rep we deal with was the person who took the time to teach us how to make gloves oh so many years ago.

Men's Portuguese Lambskin Gloves - $83.00

Portuguese lambskin gloves with a fine European suede finish. The  wool inside is sometimes short and curly, sometimes fine and straight. 

  • Color choice limited to medium or darker browns only. (Pictures are representative only as colors will vary considerably.)

  • Sizes available are Men's Small through XLarge.

  • Please be sure to enclose a hand tracing, (How To) fingers spread apart for the best fit. Gloves vary considerably in size from one pair to another even if they are cut from the same pattern. 

  • Gloves sold through the mail/over the Internet are hand made in Portugal.

Men's Sheepskin Gloves

Women's Portuguese Lambskin Gloves - $83.00
Women's Sheepskin Gloves

Identical to the men's above but smaller sizes. 

  • Color choice is currently limited to medium or dark browns only. (Pictures are representative only as colors will vary considerably.)

  • Sizes available are Women's Small through Large. Again,  please be sure to enclose a hand tracing, (How To) fingers spread apart for the best fit.

  • Gloves sold through the mail/over the Internet are hand made in Portugal.

Now, if you wish, you may look for an Independent Retailer, see how to Order some of our products, Print a Price List (pdf),  Contact Us Via Email, or Contact Us Via Phone or Mail  for additional information. No automated response system here, we actually answer your queries personally.  :)

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