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Meet Gus

Gus with friend

It is no secret that we like cats and "The Boss" is sitting right here in the lap as this page is being written.

Sometimes even the simplest of things can give us a little bit of pride in what we do. We are not going to tell the story as it is best told by our customer.

This was submitted by BP of TX



Gus the kitten

Gus (the kitten in the photo) was found under a deck when he was less than three weeks old and brought into the vet’s clinic the day before our first big freeze last year.  I think his momma cat was trying to move the kittens to a warmer place and either got separated from him or took too long to get back to him.  Between the trauma of being cold and then placed in human hands, he got a rough start and wasn’t taking to being bottle fed.  I came into the clinic a few days later.  "S" (his adopted mommy) is a top-class vet’s assistant; even though, he gave her a little of a hard time.  She told me what was going on, I remembered I still had some scraps and I told her to wait and I would be right back.

I had found two kittens (male and female) a year or so before, and had the same problem, but I noticed that they would try to “nurse” the sheepskin scraps you had sent me to make toys for my other cats.  So, I made “mommies” out of the skins, trimming the fur around the “nipple” and pushing the fake nipple of the formula bottle through.  I laid all of this on a heating pad and put a tick-tock clock with it.  They went to town on it!  In no time, they were taking the bottle by hand. 

Gus was no different.  As you can see from those photos, he took right to it, ate like a champ, and now is a HUGE kitty.  He lives with two big dogs and thinks he is one too.  "S" says every time he walks by the mirrored door, he hisses and bunches his back up, not knowing what that thing is looking back at him.  Goober!

My two are great as well.  Tucker is lying across my arms even as I type and Annabelle still drags scraps around with her all over the house. 

My only warning to adoptive parents is that they need to take away any fur that might have formula on it once the feeding is over.  The babies will continue to suck on the fur and it could potentially cause problems.  I just kept a batch separate that was for feeding and another for snuggling.

Be sure and visit the page with pictures from the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia for the latest kitten project.

Gus the kitten

Gus the kitten
Gus with bottle
Gus being fed


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