Due to constantly evolving fee structures with the credit card companies we want you to be aware of the following before using a credit or debit card with us.

We accept only MasterCard and Visa, credit or debit cards, for payment. We do not accept American Express or Discover. We have no plans to add these two cards at any time in the future.

There is a $25 minimum purchase requirement for all credit and debit cards. This includes the s/h charge so if you purchase an item for $22 and the s/h is $8 that is acceptable.

Returns are accepted for direct exchange or "store credit" only. We do not offer refunds. This applies to all purchasers and is not unique to credit/debit card customers.

Charges are processed no earlier than 48 hours before your order is shipped, normally 24 hours. On occasion we forget that there is a holiday coming up (shipping schedule interruption) and may accidentally process the transaction earlier but this is very rare. Once the charge is posted you know your order will be on the way unless the house burns down or something awful like that happens. If this is the case, we will just have to sort things out with you asap.

A receipt is sent with every purchase. If you purchase an item and have it shipped directly to another recipient we will either email you the receipt (preferred) or send it to you via USPS. Please check your package upon receipt.

The charge on your statement will be listed as "Shepherd's Flock".

Due to recent changes in MC/VISA procedures, credit card companies now charge us $45 if you call them because you "forgot" that you purchased from us or "don't recognize" a transaction. Not that we want to sound mean but this gives you, the card user, advance notice that should this happen we will be sending you a bill for $45 to reimburse us for said fee. And no, even if you call them and say you made a mistake, we still have to spend a half an hour compiling a written defense to submit and they have already taken their $45 out of our account and won't give it back. So save us both a great deal of hassle and ill will and remember that you purchased something from Shepherd's FlockŪ. This is a great deal easier than fighting over who gives MasterCard or VISA $45 in "dispute charges." Yes, we are serious about this and will use all necessary means to collect the $45 which could easily balloon if we have to add court charges etc. (Honestly, nothing at all seems right about this, does it?)

Save yourself 10% and send a check. That way you will likely remember who you purchased from.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or ask before you place your order by phone.