Chances are, if you have gotten to this page, you have actually been spending some time here. Of course, that being the case, you probably have realized that we are not your average retailer. Well, our fine customers are not your average retail customers either. We like to think they look at life a bit differently as well which is why they seem to be drawn to us (pun intended).

This page simply celebrates those wonderful, if a bit strange, people who send their business our way. Life is just way too short to be so stressed out about everything from profits to shopping. So why not sit back and take some time to join with us in a celebration of what it means to be human in a world where you have been relegated to a simple data stream. Some of us keep up the good fight and some examples are shown here. When was the last time you put this much creativity into placing an order with "Eddie Bean's End"? (Even that lovely little quip is from a customer.)

We are currently separating the art work into three categories. Mail Art, Tracing Art, and General Art. If you see the initials in blue and underlined, that is a link to the web site of the contributor. So, please, go check them out.

Note that we have done some manipulating of what we have received. Everything has been sized for best fit and viewing. Return addresses/names have been removed, front and back of envelopes have been merged into one piece, and occasionally we have gotten creative though most items are pretty much as received.

We retain every piece that is sent to us and it will be up to our sons to decide what to do with it all when they inherit our estate (which is mostly stuff like pictures from customers, magazine articles, and a host of other things we just haven't been able to bring ourselves to throw out). Oh, not everyone makes it onto our page. Inclusion is based both on the art and the attitude of the individual. We do try to be fair but we honestly look at the thought and the attitude behind the piece of art. Who knew we would have to make such difficult decisions?

And, the fine print, if you decide to send something in to us, well, we are afraid that we assume that we can use it freely. We ask permission of everyone for publication if they sent along their email address but if you don't want it published, don't send it. In the extremely unlikely event that we should ever profit from it (Ha, Ha!) well, it will help pay the health insurance bills (or maybe the nursing home bills).


Mail Art, for what ever reason, was the first bit of art to start showing up. The nice thing about Mail Art is that it  is shared along its path by all those wonderful Post Office type folks and much enjoyed by our local USPS staff. We assume that the automated processing machines enjoy it as well.

We have a special section on our Face Book page that is dedicated to Stamp Art. This is an off shoot of Mail Art as customers have gotten very creative with their use of stamps and it serves to remind us all that real stamps and art go hand in hand, especially in the days of computer generated postage.

Contributed by AS of Pennsylvania
Our first piece of Mail Art which was featured on our cartoon page for years. The first piece has the back of the envelope superimposed on the front. The second piece, well, she spelled our name wrong but who really cares? It is the thought that counts.

Art Work AS of PA Number 1

Art Work by AS of PA number 2

Contributed by AJ of New York
Sometimes simple goes a long way and we do appreciate it since neither one of us can draw squat.

Art Work by AJ of NY

Contributed by AW of Illinois
A collage is certainly art by most definitions we have read. It is even better when the subject matter is so obvious. No questioning what the artist was trying to say here. Our good old friend Esheep should be proud. (Okay, are we showing our age, does this remind you of Pac Man with a wool twist?) The front and back of the envelope have been fused together as one image.

Art Work by AW of Il

Contributed by CF from our home state of Vermont
This is a much appreciated work. We wish we could be leaning up against a tree like that ovine in the picture, nice warm feet, not a care in the world. There are two different envelope backs fused together here, side by side. In case you can't read the stamp, it says, "Life Is A Dream, Realize It." The ear muffs on the chicken were a real nice touch.

Art Work by CF of VT

Contributed by GH of California
We have a great deal of respect for such wonderful calligraphy. All you have to do is look at the hand written "order slip" that comes with your purchase to understand why. Heck, Rick's handwriting has gotten so bad he can't even read it. At least he can identify the numbers so he can call if he can't make out the address (which is why phone numbers are so important). The back was combined with the front to make one image.

Art Work by GH of CA

Contributed by MG of South Carolina
Another wonderful simple piece that we are happy to display.

Art Work by MG of GA

Contributed by LD of Arizona
This one is unique. Some would say it really doesn't fit as art but, art is in the eye of the beholder (and the webmaster). The old stamps (25 cents, how long ago was that?) and Christmas Seals from 1958 and 1962 meant someone did some work before they sent in the order. Part of the order form was superimposed on the envelope front.

Art Work by LD of AZ

Contributed by PF of California
Well, since you can't read them, the stamps, left to right, are Grenada, ?, Mexico, and the US. Since the envelope had the correct US postage that was all that it took to get it here. We did a double take when it arrived so we expect a few USPS folks did along the way as well. We get most of the meaning but we are still scratching our heads about the bacon. "Bringing home the bacon", maybe? The back of the envelope was fused to the front to make one image.

Art Work by PF of CA

For additional Mail Art in our new format, click here.


Tracing Art sort of evolved possibly because we started posting our Mail Art pieces on the web site. This is where our good customers get a bit creative with their foot and hand tracings. Yep, we get our share of "turkeys" and we love every one of them. It is amazing what people can do with a simple tracing of their feet or hands.

Contributed by LL of Pennsylvania
Any guess where this customer's head is at? We took a little artistic license here and gave the tracings some color. Okay, we don't know golf from skiing so we guessed a bit. None-the-less, the point is clear. As long as they reserve the slippers for the end of a hard day and don't wear them on the course we will all be happy campers.

Art Work by LL of PA

Contributed by KD of Massachusetts
Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person based simply on how the order comes in. We do say we will take anything as long as it is legible. So, any guesses? Does this individual have at least one child? If so, any guesses at age of the child? The note down the side says, "Can you tell I'm doing this in the kitchen?" and the arrow points to a grease spot that didn't scan in.

Chicken Hand Tracing

Contributed by NF of Michigan
This is one of many tracings that came to us in an envelope that was embellished as well in early 2013. What brought a big smile to our faces was when we emailed her that we would be displaying her art work on our page she was clueless and we had to send a link. Just goes to prove that after all these years we are still receiving spontaneous art that is not just encouraged by our page.


Contributed by JK of Washington
She sent in a hand tracing and commented that she had resisted the temptation to draw a turkey.  We picked on her a bit and noted that one should never resist the urge to do something creative. So, she emailed this "Local, Seattle, vegan, gluten free tofurkey."

Local ,Seattle, vegan, gluten free, tofurkey drawing.

For additional Tracing Art in our new format, click here.


General Art is simply a contribution from the heart and soul of good folks we have done business with. ("I did this piece awhile back, it just seems right that you should have it.") Like, WOW! Some of it is sheep related and other pieces are simply just a gift of art. We enjoy each and every piece and are grateful that we can share it with you.

Contributed by LA of California
Lisa's little envelope was stuffed full of little goodies for us including a bit of dried sea weed from the California Coast. We were going to mail her some snow but we thought the folks at the Post Office would have gotten a little nervous.

Art Work by LA of CA number 2 Art Work by LA of CA number 3


Contributed by RH of North Carolina
This original piece is titled "Baa Baa Blue Sheep". This copy was taken from a letter that came with her order. Scanning an ink jet image we are sure doesn't do justice to the original.

Art Work by RH of NC number 2

Contributed by JA of California
This came in on a card with an order in full glossy print. It has reproduced faithfully here.

Contributed by AW of New York
This came in with an order for a bunch of trooper hats. AW has outfitted every family member and we think quite a few friends in our trooper hats over the years. It was a full page work and it is regrettable that we had to down size so dramatically but everything is still fairly visible.

Art Work by AW of NY

Contributed by DD of Vermont
This is a genuine painting. It was given to us by a local middle school student to help kick off the 2011 Mail Art contest. This is a "Worble". It already owns a pair of mittens and ear muffs and it is contemplating the purchase of a pair of slippers.

Artwork by DD of VT.

Contributed by WE and CE of Pennsylvania
Again, some may debate the "art" question but that debate has been going on for centuries and we don't have time to waste until the "What is art?" question is solved. It is our page, we decide.
There is no way to describe the joy we felt when we received this. Art is creativity and this was creative at the very least.

Holiday Card Featuring Slippers

Contributed by KR of Maryland
We were blessed with the gift of two Gnomes. They use our pieces along with a a variety of other wonderful components to produce these little fellas. From the insert that came with one of them, "In homes where they are known and respected, gnomes help protect the welfare of all, and skillfully aid in the comfortable keeping of the household."  What a wonderful addition they are to our home.

Gnome Gnome

For additional General Art in our new format, click here.

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