The Young At Heart

The popularity of our simple toys has overwhelmed us. All are made from hand washable slink lambskin (the skin of a young lamb that died of natural causes), completely hand cut, hand stuffed, and hand finished. Each toy has it's own unique character as they are basically Nature's creation, not ours. Don't postpone ordering though, we only make these in the spring so they are normally availabe from March 1st through August 1st only.

Spring Lamb

Our pride and joy. This lovable little lamb stands approximately 6" high and 8" long. Once you see it you won't want to give him (or her) up. The face and legs are made from contrasting natural wool colors.

Big Teddy

8" high simple design teddy bear with suede or contrasting wool paws and ears.

Baby Teddy

5" high, perfect fit for little hands. Suede or wool ears.

Candy Bear

Our genuine shearling teddy bear made famous (sort of) by the 1995 Spring issue of Vermont Life Magazine. This shearling bear (as opposed to the slink toys mentioned earlier) is about 16" high and stuffed with pure polyester stuffing. Each bear is individually numbered and capable of giving and receiving years of love. Production is limited so the time between placing an order and receipt of your bear may be much longer than normal. It is recommended for ages 3 and older and must be dry-cleaned like most of our other shearling products.

Baby Booties

Flip up sides with extra holes punched so they can be laced up like a boot. Come standard with suede lace but may be ordered with ribbon ties.

Now if you want you may Order some of our products or wait until you have finished looking around.

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