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This is the original web site as is was done for a geometry project in 1995. Links have had to be reconstructed and image placement reset as well. Other than that it is the original work in its full glory. The project had to be small enough to fit on a 3.5" disk and was 968 KB in size. It was composed with note pad and all written in early HTML, no HTML editor was involved.
Pictures were taken with a film camera. Paper masks were created with the proper geometric shape and placed on top of the picture for scanning. The rectangles were the easy pics. Digitized pictures were saved as GIFs (the only two formats then that were in use were GIF and JPEG) so that all but the necessary part of the picture could be made invisible, hence the geometric shapes. (We do it differently now.)
The browser, Netscape X?, had to be fooled into displaying a working web site that was not on line for grading purposes. As a note to all, this was also a time when "dial up" was the only method of connecting to the Internet. The two main browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer, had a little feature that allowed one to search without pulling up the graphics because the graphics slowed the load time down. If you wanted to look at a picture you just clicked on it. We had the latest and greatest high speed modem at the time, a 14.4K.

It is amazing that a floppy disk that is almost 20 years old actually worked flawlessly.

Countless hours were devoted to this very simple piece of work. We have retained "the flavor" of the site for all subsequent revisions for the same reasons you hang on to that treasured school project that your child did. However, just think of all those "school projects" you and/or your children suffered through. Don't you wish just one of them would have become a significant source of income?

Welcome to the home of Shepherd's Flock.

Thank You For Your Interest

Shepherd's Flock has been producing high quality shearling products since 1978. We are not a large firm, simply a small family business interested in providing you with the best possible products for your money.

Our product line is fairly extensive and ranges from simple items like ear muffs and insoles to a full range of footwear with and without rubber soles.

We are specialists, concentrating our time and skills only on woolskin products. Because of this, we believe we can give you a better product and a more diverse product line than any of the large mail order firms or specialty stores. All our products are made from top grade skins and are 100% shearling. We do not work with acrylics or any kind of fake shearling. When you purchase one of our products you know exactly what you are getting. In addition you are getting little extras like being able to have your slippers resoled or have a single mitten or slipper made to replace one you lost or your pet decided to make its own.

The best way to purchase from us is at one of the many craft shows we do. If this is not possible then we are more than happy to send you a mail order brochure so that you can order the products through the mail or E-mail Shepherd's Flock.

Here you'll find the table of contents for this year's line of products.

Now if you want you may Order some of our products or wait until you have finished looking around.
Shepherd's Flock has some fun places to go to. Our cartoon page, good bookmarks, and picture gallery are excellent choices.

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