Miscellaneous Items


Real sheepskin insoles priced like the fakes. ¾" wool depth makes them great for winter boots or an old pair of slippers. (Not suitable for street shoes since the wool does take extra space). Pre-cut to standard American whole sizes but can be cut down if desired. Women's whole sizes 5-9. Men's whole sizes 7-13. Many people order 6+ pair at once. Better yet, ask your local shoe store to stock them so you don't have to pay shipping.


Seat Belt Cover 12" or 18"

Our cover is produced from carefully selected New Zealand Shearlings with a 1" wool length. We have designed it to better fit the shoulder harness which prevents rolling around on the belt and sliding up and down when you don't want it to. Its ultimate use though is to keep the harness from rubbing on your neck. TWO COLORS AVAILABLE, LIGHT GREY AND CREAM

Eyeglass Cases

A popular inexpensive item. Eyeglass Cases are produced in one size only. The thinner wooled cases accommodate larger framed glasses while the thicker wooled cases are best for narrow frame glasses. Helps to prevent scratching of the lenses.


Now if you want you may Order some of our products or wait until you have finished looking around.

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