Warm Hands

Mittens vs. Gloves - Which are warmer? It is an accepted fact that mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves. The large amount of air space in mittens provides better insulation from the cold but that air space also makes using your hands difficult. Gloves are better suited to those people who need finger dexterity in their outdoor activities but at the sacrifice of some warmth. Whether you decide on mittens or gloves, rest assured that items made from lambskin are some of the warmest you can own.

Women's Lambskin Gloves

Hand washable gloves made from slink lambskin. Beautiful suede finish with short curly wool. Hand sewn either by us or by our associates in England. Colors are different from our shearling colors. COLOR CHOICE IS LIMITED TO MEDIUM OR DARK BROWNS ONLY. Sizes available are Women's Small through Large (6 ½ thru 7½). Please be sure to enclose a hand tracing, fingers spread apart.






Men's Lambskin Gloves

Made of the same material as the Women's Gloves. COLOR CHOICE IS LIMITED TO MEDIUM OR DARK BROWNS ONLY. Sizes available are Men's Small through x-large (8-10).

Men's & Women's Mittens

Available in Sizes XS through XL. Extra long mittens with slim cut thumb and turn back cuffs. Cuffs can be turned down to cover the entire wrist area if desired or worn up for a fur type appearance.

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