Tracings are not difficult to do but a bit of care is required if you want them to be of any value. One does not have to be obsessive about it but it is also important that you don't get sloppy. Often times it is much easier to have someone do it for you.

Hand or foot tracings, use a pen or a pencil to do the tracing. We prefer that you not use markers. Put the hand or the foot on a piece of paper, hold the pen or pencil as straight up and down as possible and trace around the hand or foot. Examples follow, none to scale as you might assume.

Instructions for emailing tracings are on this page as well, at the bottom. If you do not have a direct email address for us you will have to use our contact form first so we may give you the email address to send the tracing(s) to. If you are going to pay by check anyway, just put the tracing in the mail with the check.

Hand tracing example for mittens by Shepherd's FlockHands need to be traced in two different manners depending on what you are ordering. If you are ordering mittens, we want all the fingers together and the thumb outstretched. You need only trace one hand unless you know there are significant differences between the two. If you are right handed, send a tracing of the right hand. If you are left handed, send a tracing of the left hand.

Please do not trace your hand in a mitten or trace a mitten that fits you. This does us absolutely no good and we will have to contact you for a new tracing. We need to see the hand itself.

Hand tracing example for gloves from Shepherd's FlockIf you are ordering gloves, we want the fingers to be spread out so we may get a better look at the length of the individual fingers and the thumb. Again, unless there is some special issue, we only need to have a tracing of one hand, the one you use most often.
Please do not scan/copy the actual hand. That really does not give us a good image to work with. Tracings are always best.


Foot tracing example for slippers by Shepherd's FlockWith foot tracings it is usually best to send two tracings, one of each foot. Stand on the paper, if at all possible, when the foot is being traced.
We will normally cut to the larger foot and most everyone has a larger foot, they just don't know it. With a tracing of both we look at both, compare the tracings to our patterns, and then work with the one that appears to need the most room. This is true for both width and length. We would also like to have your normal shoe size although we may completely "throw that under the bus" and we need to be informed of any particular issues you have when buying footwear.

Please use paper that we can see through. Plain old white paper, in any size, works just fine as long as we get the whole foot. Paper grocery bags are fine as well for larger feet. Note that we do need to see the entire foot so if your foot is too large for standard paper, please use a larger piece of paper or we will have to ask you for a new tracing.


Tracing example for email transmission to Shepherd's FlockIf you wish to send any tracings in via email, hand or foot, there are additional steps required. After you do the tracing and before you scan it, mark inch marks down the side of the page, far enough in so they will not get cut off when being printed. This gives us a scale to work with to be sure the tracing comes through true to size.
The file must be sent as a pdf as well. We cannot work with any kind of image file. We can not print out anything other than the standard 8.5X11" paper so, if you don't fit reasonably well on a standard sheet of paper, the tracing will have to be mailed in. Remember, for foot tracings, if the fit on the paper is too tight it will not print out completely and we really need to see the entire footprint.
Please DO NOT scan the hand itself. They rarely come through clear and are a waste of ink.
Bad tracing example when ordering products from Shepherd's FlockWe get a lot of real sloppy tracings. As mentioned earlier, don't be obsessive about accuracy but try to be reasonable. If this is really what your hand looks like, fine, we will do what we can to fit you. Same with feet. Remember, the tracing is all we have to work with. If it is not close to being accurate, how are we going to even come close to fitting you and we want to do our best to fit you on the first try. That does not always happen but the better the tracing, the more likely it is that we will meet the challenge.

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