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Thanks to a unanimous decision by both the Vermont House of Representatives and the Vermont Senate, a "First In The Nation" bill was passed that frees us from some of the "rules" instituted by those big credit card institutions. This bill was not signed into law by the Governor but he allowed it to become such without his signature. (Okay, then the Feds got into the picture, made some new laws, and sued MC and VISA on anti-trust violations and got the same results but, as normal, Vermont was first!) There are still private lawsuits that are on going. The most recent court case, and still subject to appeal, is with AMEX who were claiming they were too small be be part of the anti-trust crowd. They won the final round. "Oh, poor us."

Over the years that have passed, the credit card companies have made a point of creating wonderful new fees, almost monthly, to make up for their loss of revenue, including a "kilobyte fee" for goodness sake. VISA, after the Feds got involved, instituted a monthly fee which INCREASES as you do more business with them.

In addition, they are all after AMEX's business so Mastercard and VISA are falling all over themselves to come up with new rewards for their card holders at our expense, mind you. The more rewards you get from them, the more money we have to give them to take the card. Add to that the hassles (and additional fees) associated with not being able to do "pin and chip" transactions and we are simply paying too much to take plastic payment both in the dollars we shell out to them and in the additional labor required to process transactions.

In keeping with our base business philosophy, "What do you really want to pay for?" we add in the credit card companies. They spend who knows how many millions of dollars for advertising to get you to use the cards as a matter of habit while the USA prints real money that can be used to transact business with no fee attached. Checks, well, for us, they cost us 9 cents each to deposit and we get to deposit up to 99 a month free. As a side note, the CEO of VISA made $10,449/hr, yes, per hour, in total compensation. (2017, based on a 40 hour work week.) What DO you want to pay for a pair of slippers? (That was an uggly comment, no? We just could not resist.)

It is a competitive world. If you want your airline miles and your meager cash back, then feel free to use a card for your purchases. If you want to enjoy the "rewards" associated with doing business the old fashioned way, send us a check.

There is no waiting to accumulate "points". No worry about losing your "airline miles" if you don't use them, and no "special location" purchases required (except for us, of course.) That is just to mention a few of the "perks" that they offer. This is an "on the spot" rewards program. "Point of Sale" so to speak. "Instant Rebate" if you will.

The Rules:

  • Purchase our products with a (good) check or money order  via an order. You are welcome to call/email the order in. Just let us know that a check or money order will be sent to cover the charges. (We do reserve the right to hit you with a $25 fee if your check bounces and/or all legal/collection expenses necessary to collect the amount owed us -check or money order- should you decide that you want to make things difficult. But, we are not mean at all unless "pushed". Qualification of the term "pushed" ; when we feel you have no desire to make good on your bounced check/money order or we suspect fraud. We still reserve the right to refuse checks/bank drafts/money orders from questionable countries and you all know what we are talking about.)

  • Purchase our products with cash or your (good) check at a location where we are exhibiting. (We do not encourage sending cash through the mail for an order but it does happen so, yes, you can apply your "rewards" if you choose to send cash for such.)

  • You will receive 10% off the total cost of your purchase(s) (based on the restrictions) and that includes s/h charges if it is an order. In areas/locations where the product is taxable, the discount will be given before the taxes are calculated. (The credit card companies always get their cut of sales taxes as well which we think is illegal but don't have the money to take it through the court system. Wish we did.)

The Restrictions:

  • Offer good only when doing business directly with Shepherd's Flock« and does not apply to purchases of our products from independent retailers.

  • Not valid on items/services which we never accepted credit cards for; resoling, cuttings, and ear muff repair. These prices/services will always be posted as cash/check only.

  • Not valid on "snakes" at shows unless included with other products.

  • All rights reserved to include other restrictions in the future, if necessary, but we think we hit the major points.

Seems simple, total things up and deduct 10%. Our  "Official Order Form" is all set up for you.

All the financial institutions want is to suck money out of your pocket anyway. They hope that you (and we) will pay them fees and/or interest and do everything possible to make that a reality. So, dust off your checkbook and save 10% Go retro.

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