Well, the time has come for us to become lazy, good for nothing, leaches on society (as some in Congress would have you believe). Yes, that's right, this is the year.

Over the course of the year we will be turning the operation over to the new owner, a youngster with far more drive and energy than we have, Chris Medina. He and his young family are in Vermont, over the hills from us, in Bellows Falls.

The time line will work like this. (Well, with the understanding that, "Man plans, God laughs", of course.) We will continue to take and fill orders through the summer and only up to a point where we feel we are booked up. At the very latest, we, ourselves, will stop taking orders on September 15, 2019 but we do expect to shut orders down before that. After that point, all orders should be placed with Chris whose contact information is at the bottom of this page.

In addition, we will absolutely stop doing resoling work or ear muff band replacement September 1, 2019. After that date, all such customer service work should go straight to Chris. If you send it here, to Townshend, we will make sure he gets the work but it will result in additional delays and he will have his own payment requirements so you will likely have to rewrite your check as well.

We will finish out our normal show schedule for 2019 and, if the shows are not mean and nasty, Chris will take over our spots in 2020 so, hopefully, there will be no interruption in normal business routine. Shepherd's Flock«, we hope, will be at the same shows and in the same spots but we can't guarantee that. That is controlled by the people who operate the shows.

Once we turn the complete operation over, we will have no official "interest" in it. We will always be there to provide technical advice when needed but the business will be under new ownership and we will not interfere. However, to answer the main question that seems to be coming up, "Why, of course they will keep making slippers!" As a matter of fact we expect to see the line branch out a bit and change as time goes by. That is completely normal as, over our 41 years, much has changed both from the product offering and how business is conducted. Quite honestly, we are pleased that someone is willing to take the business and keep it going, more for your sake than ours. Our customers have been good to us and we really appreciate the business over the years, starting with the weekend flea markets where we began the journey, through the new sales medium of the Internet.

The website may stay the same for a time. We are transferring ownership at a very busy time of the year so production will be his (and his family's) primary goal, not the other stuff that really does not create any income. We are sure that, in time, Chris will remake it in his own image which is only proper. Besides, ourselves, we have really just run out of time to dabble and don't have the skills to bring things even close to what is considered "up to date" so it really does need some work. The Facebook page will, as well, be turned over to him. All contact info from the address and phone number to email communication will be changed and, if you call us, you will likely get an answering machine that will give you his phone number. Yes, we may finally do it.

During the course of the summer we are offering some price reductions on some smaller items and will post a link to a list on impacted pages on the website as we start clearing out what items we have do in stock. You may also check out that list of items by clicking here. We also intend to develop an email mailing list that will be used only for a short time after the final show in October to clear out left over items. So, if you wish to be on that list, email us at any time and we will add you. Again, the list will only be used for clearing out leftover items and then it will be deleted and never used again. We will also NOT put anyone on it unless we have had a specific request to do so.

Thank you very much for everything, not only your business but your art, your gifts to us and our cats, your kind words, the smiles you have, at times, given us, and your willingness to laugh a bit with us. We will end this chapter in our lives just a few months past the 41 year mark which, you know, is pretty good considering we never should have made it six months.

New Owner:
Chris Medina
Six String Crafts, LLC
PO Box 624, Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Phone # will be added later and the email form will send email directly to him once we quit taking orders.



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