Hello Shepherds Flock! Yes, you. Valued customer. Thanks for sticking with us through this transition. No one can replace Rick or Kathy but we hope to fill their shoes (or slippers) well. They have created this amazing business with nothing less than blood, sweat and I'm sure there were some tears. Maybe a little bit of swearing too. But the hard work has paid off!
My name is Chris Medina, and my little family and I are excited to continue the legacy that is Shepherds Flock! We will continue to use all of the same patterns they've used for the last 41 years, as we find our own styles too. Most things will remain the same until we find what works best for us and our customers. 
We currently vend at the Greater Falls Farmers Market on Fridays as well as the Putney Farmers Market on Sundays, so feel free to stop by and say hi! We'd love to meet you. We should be doing most, if not all, the craft and sheep and wool festivals that Rick and Kathy did starting next year.

New Owner:
Chris Medina
Six String Crafts, LLC
PO Box 624
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

520-221-0963 (Between 8AM and 8PM Eastern time)

Chris Medina and Family




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