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Shadow, our dear departed "Boss", on his Kat Knap™

He had thousands of dollars worth of sheepskins lying around here and this was his favorite sleeping place in the "factory". Pictured is a 16" X 16" model and he used to weigh in at about 9 pounds. We do so miss him around here, it is just not the same. Customer photos below. (Mix of 16" X 16" and 20" X 20")

16" X 16" - $25.00

20" X 20" - $40.00

Shadow's Sheepskin Cat Bed


Harry and Arabelle on a Kat Knap

Harry and Aarabelle

Maisie on a Kat Knap


Miss Bunny under a Kat Knap

Miss Bunny (A real out of the smart phone thinker.)

Willow on a Kat Knap


Mamamia on a Kat Knap


Fuzz on Kat Knap


Lucy on a Kat Knap.


Nova Warrior Princess Kitty on Kat Knap.

Nova Warrior Princess Kitty

Lola on a Kat Knap

Lola,  lo lo lo lo Lola
Nile on a Kat Knap.

Niles (More outside of the smart phone thinking)


Allie on a Kat Knap



The Daniel on a Kat Knap.

"The Daniel" (Our new "boss")

Leo on a Kat Knap



Bentely on a Kat Knap

Bentley (A young, outside of the smart phone thinker.)

Leo with his Kat Knap and shouse.

(Another) Leo


Oscar on his Kat Knap in the sunshine


Gypsy on a Kat Knap



Nanook of the Northeast on a Kat Knap

Nanook of the Northeast

Isabelle on her Kat Knap


Sheba on her Kat Knap



Rosco the bunny on his Kat Knap

Rosco, (Way, way outside of smart phone thinking.)


Puck on his Kat Kanp


Chobe on her Kat Knap


Buddy on his Kat Knap