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Shadow, our dear departed "Boss", on his Kat Knap™

He had thousands of dollars worth of sheepskins lying around here and this was his favorite sleeping place in the "factory". Pictured is a 16" X 16" model and he used to weigh in at about 9 pounds. We do so miss him around here, it is just not the same. Customer photos below. (Mix of 16" X 16" and 20" X 20")

16" X 16" - $25.00

20" X 20" - $40.00

Shadow's Sheepskin Cat Bed


Harry and Arabelle on a Kat Knap

Harry and Aarabelle

Maisie on a Kat Knap


Miss Bunny under a Kat Knap

Miss Bunny (A real out of the smart phone thinker.)

Willow on a Kat Knap


Mamamia on a Kat Knap


Fuzz on Kat Knap


Lucy on a Kat Knap.


Nova Warrior Princess Kitty on Kat Knap.

Nova Warrior Princess Kitty

Lola on a Kat Knap

Lola,  lo lo lo lo Lola
Nile on a Kat Knap.

Niles (More outside of the smart phone thinking)


Allie on a Kat Knap



The Daniel on a Kat Knap.

"The Daniel" (Our new "boss")

Leo on a Kat Knap



Bentely on a Kat Knap

Bentley (A young, outside of the smart phone thinker.)

Leo with his Kat Knap and shouse.

(Another) Leo


Oscar on his Kat Knap in the sunshine


Gypsy on a Kat Knap



Nanook of the Northeast on a Kat Knap

Nanook of the Northeast

Isabelle on her Kat Knap


Sheba on her Kat Knap



Chobe on her Kat Knap


Buddy on his Kat Knap