So, we get this email. Obviously the individual was really upset with us:

Email Complaint 1

Okay, we "sat" on that one for a bit and moved on to the second one in the "in box" which was from "a friend" who had absolutely no desire to do any business with us, they just had to tell us how much we "sucked". (Seriously, pardon the terminology but we simply cannot come up with a more appropriate way to phrase things.) To us, said individual must have been having a very bad day and needed to lash out a bit at someone, anyone. Why else would they waste their valuable time? That is okay, we are happy to serve as unlicensed therapists if that is what is called for. We are pretty easy going around here.

Email Complaint 2

After reading the second email we responded to the first one as it seemed very obvious that we just could not meet the professional standards that we were being asked to meet. We did something extremely unprofessional which was, of course, expected of us. We very politely referred the initial individual to a firm that could not only supply what they were looking for but could also sell the item in a "professional" manner (point and click with no reading required). (Yes, we did misspell "apologize" but you know how email is.) We have just chosen not to do point and click for a variety of reasons.

Complaint Response 1

Seriously, the entire home page for 2013 was about how everyone has to be the same, no one can take more than 30 seconds to do anything, and how the World Wide Web has changed since our pages were first published (1995) along with a complete explanation of why our site seems a bit old fashioned. We think history is rather neat and thought we would share a bit of it with folks who have no clue what a "modem" is/was. Alas, with all this in mind, we did get just a wee bit snarky with our response to the second email. The fact that the individual did not "get it" when we used "uggressive" as a play on words when we were making comments about how "aggressive" *UGG Australia« is at trying to make people believe that anything made from sheepskin that does not have their brand on it is fake, well, that was just way tooooooo good an opening to pass up. (*UGG Australia« is a trademark of Decker's Outdoor Corporation and they WILL sue us if we appear to be using their trademark improperly, count on it!)

Complaint Response 2

We do have to add that, as fate would have it, the most perfect example EVER of what can happen when you spend lots of money with professionals to produce and maintain your web site, the worldwide "face" for your business, just fell into our laps last October. Ladies and gentlemen we give you Thank you, but we will stay unprofessional.

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