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As our customers know, we are rule breakers. Seriously, we do everything wrong from a retail and business perspective but we are going to jump in with both feet so to speak and REALLY break some time honored rules this year.

American LambskinLet's face it, surviving for 35 years in an industry that is controlled by huge multinational corporations and competition from cheap (slave) labor overseas should have killed us many years back but, no, we are just too ornery to give up. They make the rule, that we should go out of business, and we break it. They make the rule that it must be made "off shore" in order to make a profit and we break it.

So we are going to keep up our reputation as renegades  and are NOT going to fall all over ourselves trying to sell you anything right now during the big "season". That's right, you can deal with us if you want but we are going to let you make that choice all by yourself, no pressure or even self promotion from us. While everyone else is assaulting you with "buy or die" advertising, we are just going to sit back calmly and let you make your decision. If you are curious, you will go visit a few pages and look at what he have to offer. Maybe, if you are real curious, you will scroll  through what has to be the most comprehensive FAQ page you will find regarding shearling in general and, of course, our products. And, if you wish, you may email us for an honest answer to any questions. The answers come from the people who make the products, not some sales agent or an auto responder. But, if you are so confused you don't want to deal with us at all, you might want to visit our "Miracle on 34th St" type list of other places where you will be a bit more comfortable looking for what they have for/on sale. Remember, no pressure from us.

Rule #1 of retailing, broken. Black Thursday, Black Friday, Black November/December, Cyber Monday, Bah Humbug!

We put up our "Winter Shepherd" and threw in few snowflakes to "celebrate" but we  are not going to post any specific greeting. What we are going to do is wish you, our visitor, good health, a comfortable place to live, food for your table, clean water to drink, a trove of good friends and wonderful family to enjoy this time of the year with, and, above all, peace. If you need to call us, feel free to use what ever two word phrase that represents the above statement and is appropriate for you and we will gladly respond in kind. How did we get to the point where we could not greet each other with kindness, a smile, and words of celebration regardless of our religious or political leanings without someone, some organization, or the news media getting all bent out of shape? Guess it was about the same time we decided that trampling each other to get that bargain price on a TV was acceptable behavior.

Rule #2 of retailing, broken. Decorate, decorate, decorate but be careful what you say.

That is it. That is all we are going to do to promote ourselves this year.

There is a list of the product pages below or you may use the site menu that is at the top of this and every main page. (Does not work with IE 11 unless you are in compatibility mode.) If you want to view our current "rest of the year" Home Page it is tucked safely away until January 1st. Normally, we do promote ourselves though, like has been mentioned, we  tend to break rules. Just click here and you can get the non holiday experience.

We have one favor to ask. Our little experiment in honesty is absolutely going to kill our hard fought for organic Google rankings. So, please invite your friends to click on our page, share us on Facebook or what have you even if you want to rant and rave about what clueless business people we are. "There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." Maybe some extra traffic for no real reason will keep us out of the sand box.

Thank you for visiting and, you know, a two word phrase (insert your own) to encompass our well wishes. There is no way to express how much we love and appreciate our customers. That, our friends, is the real gift that you have given us.


Should you wish to come back home simply click on the shepherd at the bottom of every page. Click Here for Shepherd's Flock Home

The Young At Heart

(Sheepskin Baby Booties and Sheepskin Teddy Bears)

Warm Hands

(Sheepskin Mittens and Lambskin Gloves)

Heads Up

(Sheepskin Hats)

For Your Ears Only
(Sheepskin Ear Muffs, Best Selection Anywhere)
Toasty Toes

(Shearling Full Slippers and Sheepskin Scuffs  Don't even mention the word UGG 'round us.)

Miscellaneous Items
(Sheepskin Innersoles, Seatbelt Covers, Eyeglass Cases, Can Koozies, Sheepskin Cuttings, and other odds and ends.)
Available Colors

(Currently Available Colors and Country of Origin (for the sheepskins) Information)

If we have managed to get you to slow down from your hectic shopping spurt a bit, we invite you sit back in your chair, relax some, perhaps have a cup of Green Mountain Coffee«, and visit many of the people and places that make Vermont (USA) a special place to live and work. Come "chat" with us and take a tour of our little corner of the world, a place where breaking the rules is pretty much a way of life.

LogoThen, you might enjoy the series of sheep cartoons that came about as John Hege struggled to redefine the ovine as we know it and create the logo that is normally plastered at the top of the home page. Yes, it  resides in the principle registry of the trademark office (recently renewed) for anyone or anyone's lawyers who may be remotely interested. "Don't Tread On Us" and this means you, UGG Australia« (UGG Australia« is property of the Decker's Corp and we make no claim to ownership what so ever.)

Speaking of customer "gifts" we have a wonderful collection of serious to whimsical art that has been sent our way over the years. Take your sleigh over to our Customer Art Work page and see what happens when people don't just "point and click" to place an order. Gosh, they get creative. Everyone else tries to impress you with letters from their customers telling them (and you) what a wonderful product the company makes. Well, we get those letters too and they can be faked so easily but we think differently here and celebrate the imagination and the creativity that is all too lacking in the world of retail. There is no way we could "fake" this variety. You think it is hassle sending in a mail order? Look at these examples of people who went above and beyond the "fill in the order blank" thing and brought a smile to our faces.

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