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Sheepskin Troope Hat by Shepherd's Flock Made in USA

We do an honest business here. That being said, if you are in a tremendous hurry, you can't deal with anything but point and click ordering, you really don't care what the domestic and global impact of your purchase is, you simply must do everything with your smart phone, you have to be a walking advertisement for some company, and/or you just can't cope with "different", you really won't much care for our old style approach to business (proof to follow). Since we do not wish to waste your valuable time or make you angry, we suggest you click here for a list of a lot of other firms that will better fit your vision of professionalism. So, your very brief stop here has already saved you an immense amount of time. Have a great day, BTW. Smile Face

We received an email in the spring of 2013 from a very frustrated individual who was complaining about our web site and some difficulty they were having placing an order. (See that button that says "Site Menu" above the picture? Mouse over it, scroll to the right over "Ordering", click on your choice and like, WOW!") (Note that a customer has reported -very politely we should add- that it does not work with IE 11 but it is not just us with issues so we feel a bit better. Things work so much better in compatibility mode so learn how to do that. Besides, MS is getting rid of IE, we wonder why.) Nothing really bothers us at our age and we answered that email in our normal and polite manner. Honestly, we do actually try our best to refer people to a business that will be able to provide what they want be it a product or a more professional manner of doing business if we cannot offer them what they desire. That is exactly why the list mentioned above was developed, not just for our visitors but so we can check on other firms from time to time and maybe be able to refer someone elsewhere rapidly. But, before we answered the first email we read an email from a friend of the individual who just had to take a bit of their extremely valuable time to do nothing but tell us how "unprofessional" we are. You will find the entire story here if you have a minute but we won't make you read unless you want to. Your option entirely.

We do have to say that the seriously irate email seemed to suggest there were "rules" that we had to follow. Rules? When we were "discussing" using these emails as the basis for our current home page with our Facebook fans, one of them put it much better than we could have ourselves, "An independent businessperson from Vermont is going to do what they want...." Rules? If we had followed the rules when we quit our jobs to start this business late in 1978, no money, no business plan, and our first child on the way, we would most certainly not be here today in 2018 as we would not have lasted 6 months, much less 40 years. That is Business Rule 101. Actually, based on what we started with and where we are today, we have been more successful than "The Donald", relatively speaking anyway. We have never stiffed a supplier, never declared "bankruptcy", the two of us who run the business have been married for over 40 years, and we never even thought of "straying". We really get everything wrong. Oh well, so much for living the "American Dream" and getting rich. It does seem to pass some of us by.

We are unprofessional, we admit it. We have even set up a chart for you just to show you how unprofessional we are and why you probably don't want to business with us. It is all about charts these days, right? Our chart is not about price comparisons but we worked very hard on a special page that will  help you more rapidly determine that we just can't cut it in today's marketplace. Once again, we have saved you from reading and researching anything all by yourself. So, if you are in a big hurry, go check out our chart.

If we have not lost you yet, we will just brief a few important things out for you. If you made it past our "cheat sheets" and we still have your attention you are probably capable of "thinking outside of the smart phone" and are willing to use some of that very expensive education you have received, much of it at public expense. Wink

The Boss Hard at WorkShepherd's Flock® is a tiny little concern in Vermont that has been around since 1978. We are just two people and a (new) cat though our old and dear friend (pictured) passed away in November of 2015.  The youngsters are all grown up now and living lives of their own but they were subjected to life on the road for many years as we went from venue to venue selling our goods and breaking those business rules. The new cat, a real gem of a partner, is plastered all over our Facebook page but we are going to leave the picture of our old buddy here 'cause he was the best CEO, ever. Two people who do it all; take orders, cut and sew the product, pack and ship the merchandise, answer hours and hours worth of emails at times, take care of the crappy web site, clean cat hair out of the computer, and joke around on Facebook with our incredible customers. Want some proof? Click Here. Or, for video even, click here.

We put our first web site on line in 1995 thanks to that first child so we are not new to this game at all. But, we don't make our living doing web sites, we make it cutting, sewing, and shipping sheepskin products. We play around with new things when we have some spare time but we certainly do not expect our web site to be 100% compatible with every device out there. We could hire someone to take care of things but, how much more are you willing to pay for a pair of slippers so we can look more "professional"?

"Professional" costs money, the more professional, the more money. Fancy web sites (most done with templates anyway), professional photographs, expensive videos, special packaging, paying models to showcase your products, paying people to do your "social media" stuff, highly paid company heads, and, worse yet, capitalizing on the tragic death of an actor,  it all costs money and that money is figured in to the price of the product you pay. (Et tu Carol? Surely Carol Burnett would wear something USA Made. We are simply heart broken.) We are sure that if we paid Tom Brady a fortune to hawk our products he would be happy to do it. Come on, where is your regional pride, dude?  Obviously, with the success of a particular "ultra professional" firm, people are more than happy to pay for all that "stuff" that has nothing to do with the quality or the usefulness of the product they are buying. We just don't see the world that way. Our customers would simply not pay this much money for partial sheepskin footwear, made in Vietnam,  for their toddler. So, one of the ways we keep costs down is to use pictures from our customers to supplement our own product pictures. These fine folks receive no compensation of any kind and they sent them to us just 'cause they like us. (This proves, of course, that the real "beautiful people" are just everyday people, not celebrities.)

American Lambskin Logo"Professional" means make your products overseas using foreign skins and tanners (and, in some cases, not caring at all about the ethics of the supply chain) to increase the profit margin. We still use American lambskins, tanned in the USA for the majority of our products. This makes us very unprofessional. Yes, we do have to use some skins from tanners outside of the USA but supply these days is always touch and go since most all of the sheepskin tanneries in the world have shut down due to competition from China. What few foreign tanners we deal with are highly reputable and we have a long history with the individuals that we purchase through.  We would like to stay in business, at least for awhile longer, but we do need supply. We have no intention of attempting to deceive you, something else which is not professional. No alternative facts from us. Country of origin information for the skins and the tanners is fully posted to the best of our ability.

Sheepskin Slippers by Shepherd's Flock Made in USAWe still make our products right here in Vermont, USA. Yes, you can still purchase sheepskin slippers that are made in America. "Make" has a twinge of lack of professional conduct as well. Few of the "professional" firms actually make anything themselves. They are "branding" companies. Those days are long gone. Take a look at our ultra modern factory. The operation has moved from room to room and floor to floor over the years but it has never left this location.

Our honesty and, therefore, total lack of professional attitude, extends even further. We have published a great deal of information about ourselves, how and why we do business like we do, the global shearling industry, the raw materials we use and, in some cases, disputed claims made by professional firms. Honestly, there is so much information available on our FAQ's page we even tricked none other than Snopes into thinking we were professional enough to quote. Boy, did we ever pull the wool over their eyes! Seriously, you don't have to read it, we aren't going to force you, but you can read small sections of it by clicking highlighted links on our individual product pages and that might be a good idea if you are actually foolish enough to do business with us.

Our products are 100% (real) shearling (shearling fur, chuckle) except for sundries like thread, ear muff bands, etc. We do not use any other leather, fur, polyester, foam, what have you, nor do we falsely sell you shearling "lined" cowhide items as shearling by tucking alternative facts into the fine print like the professionals. Inside and outside, 100% shearling,  right down to the inserts in our fabulous ear muff collection.  We know shearling and, while it is very professional to slip in some non shearling to cut costs, we just can't bring ourselves to do it. It pains us to even think about it. Obviously it does not bother others.

We refuse to SPAM you in any manner, phone, email, or mail, sell your data to other firms, treat you like a credit card number instead of a human being, keep everything/anything about you on our computers so it can be easily stolen, or do anything to you that we would not want someone to do to us.  We have no intention of pulling a "data breach" on you and the best way to do that is to be unprofessional in the handling of your information and keep it off the computer (system). Ask Equifax how well that database thing worked out for them. Our Privacy Policy is short and sweet, not dozens of pages of small print. (Come on, talk about reading, when was the last time you read all the terms and conditions before placing an order with someone (or signing up for the "free" Equifax credit monitoring service)? Try it sometime, it will make your head swim.)

Shearling Slippers by Shepherd's Flock Made in USAWe do not "push" you to buy things you don't need like the professionals do. No big "fashion" items here, just plain old utilitarian "stuff". We even try to help you NOT replace items by doing repairs when practical for a small fee. We resole soft soled slippers, replace ear muff bands that break, and patch soft soled slippers if worthwhile. This is only for our stuff though which we believe is fair and there is little we can do for the crepe soled slippers. There is nothing that makes us happier than to have someone contact us and say, "I have had this hat for 25 years and it is still going strong." If our customers want to wear our products at their wedding, they just do it, we don't need to force a special "line" on them.

Basic/utilitarian items are what we are about with no visible labels to show off to your friends. You will not find a hundred different styles/colors/items on our pages. We offer you a small but nice selection of shearling slippers which can be purchased with plain shearling bottoms or an add-on outsole for those who run in and out of the house a lot in their slippers. We have a variety of shearling hat styles, mittens, and smaller items like boot/shoe innersoles that we have been informed are life savers for forestry professionals in the Northern Midwest. We also have that wonderful earmuff selection we mentioned earlier.

No Fake UggsWe don't do boots. Actually, we do not believe that 100% shearling footwear is suitable for constant outdoor use. Yes, we have customers who wear our footwear all year, inside and outside, but those folks do so because we are the only people who can produce something for them to wear. We are making a very big issue of this because of the uggressive promotional campaign of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the parent company of UGG Australia®.* We understand their desire to protect their trademark which they have spent so much money on. Don't get us wrong. We even send them  links to  very blatant counterfeiters. However, we tire of having folks refer to our products as "fake UGGS®" simply because they are made of sheepskin. FACT: we have been deeply involved with the actual production of sheepskin (1973) and sheepskin items (1978) for much longer than Deckers and the original sellers of UGG® boots in the USA who were nothing more than importers themselves. We bet you that not one Deckers' employee has ever had their arms deep in a pit of tanning solution pulling the skins out of the pit. So, we are taking a moment to strike back and set the record straight. We even have a whole section of our FAQ page that explains the "uggly side" of things. We are not usually this mean and uggly but we are really "ticked off" about this. * UGG Australia® is a registered trademark of Deckers Outdoor who are a mean and UGGLY type US corporation. We are making it very clear that we have/want absolutely nothing to do with them or their product/multiple trademarks especially since it is our belief that they accelerated the demise of the US and UK shearling industry.  If you want more info on their uggressive tactics from the very beginning, just click here or here or here.  2016: Update #1, Update #2, Update #3

New York Sheep and Wool FestivalWe do face to face business with people as well, in barns and outside in the pouring rain at times. We have to ask, when was the last time the CEO of Decker's (or the CEO's/owners of any of those "professional" firms) worked as a salesperson in one of their stores (or in the pouring rain) or in any manner dealt directly with the end consumer? We do and we really enjoy it (much more when the weather is nice). We don't get around a great deal these days as the production of the merchandise consumes most of our time and we are getting older but you can check out our list of venues and see if we will be in your area. You can see that we too are real people, not just a website or a "business".

We do not do point and click ordering nor will we, ever. You have to order by phone or through the mail though, if you are going to write a check and save 10% of the cost, you may email us the details and we will write the order up for you and send you a copy to enclose with your check.  If it is easier  for you, we have a standard order form.

If you decide to order by phone, the "call center" consists of a single phone line, hard wired no less, with no "prompts". The "operators standing by" are the same people people who are doing all the rest of the work so we are available during the prescribed hours most of the time but not always (please note the clock to the left of our phone number before calling and do not call outside of the posted hours unless you want to get our version of Mr. Hyde) . When we answer the phone, we will just say "Hello". If the phone rings more than 4 or 5 times, we might have stepped out for a minute or actually taken some time off. We do understand just how much you enjoy being stuck on hold and/or pushing buttons for an hour or better but, remember, we are not professionals. Sheep Smilie

United States Postal Service ShippingWe do charge shipping and handling. Free s/h is a professional gimmick to make you think you are getting something for nothing. Again, we have posted a lot of detail about s/h and how much it really costs, especially for a firm as small as ours. But, we tell you the costs right up front so you do not have to place an order, give out all your personal info, etc. before you find out what the charge will be. We start at $8 and the maximum is $18 for all US customers. We DO ship to PO Boxes. THAT may be the most unprofessional thing we do. All merchandise is shipped via USPS unless you request otherwise and are willing to pay the additional costs. For all you PO Box owners, some respect, finally! (Only PO Box holders understand that statement.)

We do not do "sales". That is right, no sales. The prices are the same whether you buy in the summer or the winter and there is no such thing as "overstock" or "clearance" here.  Waiting for a better price actually only gets you stuck in line during the busy season meaning you might wait for 6 weeks to have your order filled. While the professional people scramble to get your last minute orders during the Holiday Season, we never know when we are going to stop taking orders for the holidays and we take the last two weeks of the year off to spend with family and friends and to pause and regroup. That is simply insane.

Now, as for finding your way around we know you are used to every website looking the same so, of course you are confused. We have already introduced you to our "Site Menu" button. This was/is a carefully crafted site menu designed to be completely out of the way unless you want to call it up and it is not our fault that Microsoft can't get their head out of that dark place. (IE 11 fix) We have no idea just how many hours went into adapting it for each page. You will find a similar button at the TOP of all of the main pages. When you want it, it is there, when you don't, it is not in your face.

We have been around since the dinosaur age as much as we hate to admit it. Blue text with an underline means it links to something though it will may change color once you have clicked on it. That is the way it was in 1995 and, yes, we do understand that many folks are clueless about this so this is an educational endeavor as well.  (How many of you remember "floppy disks" Floppy Disk?) All text links are there for a reason, they ARE NOT advertisements. They either link to internal pages or carefully researched and relevant outside sources of information.

If you are viewing a page with a close up of the merchandise on a black background then the links are white text with white underline though all of those actually open up in a new tab. Just shut the tab down and you will be back to the original page. (Note that we listen to our customers and what may be second nature to you is not to someone else. We are NOT being condescending, we actually pay attention. We had to explain how the tab thing worked to a customer recently. You and your grandmother may be at very different skill levels.)

At the very bottom of each of the main pages is a section which contains text links to all of the main pages, our email/contact form, address and phone #, and ordering information. We have tried very hard with all our links to determine which should go to a completely separate page or which should open up in a new tab in your browser. This has been a judgment call on our part. If we have failed, we apologize but it does show that time and thought goes into this web site.

We have a very basic customer service philosophy. We are pleased to do business with all people and welcome them into our "secret society" (see our chart, "Branding") regardless of their race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, etc. (Something that seems necessary to say these days as sad as that is.) BUT, the key is, you treat us with respect and a bit of good humor and we will do exactly the same for you. Good humor is most welcome around here at all times and we don't much care for jerks. Remember that wonderful list of other places? Well, kindly make use of it if you tend to be a jerk. Wink


Once again, have a great day and Happy Shopping! Thanks for hanging out with us for a time.

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The Young At Heart
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For Your Ears Only
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Toasty Toes
(Shearling Full Slippers and Sheepskin Scuffs) (No, no UGG® Boots.) We don't have enough lawyers to defend us against their uggressive tactics.

Miscellaneous Items
(Sheepskin Innersoles, Seatbelt Covers, Can Koozies, Sheepskin Plates,  Sheepskin Rugs, Eyeglass Cases, Sheepskin Cat Beds, and Sheepskin Cuttings that served Gus the Kitten well as his surrogate mother as well as new project by The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia.

Horsing Around
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Available Colors
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Shearling Fur
(Say what? Yep, for your reading pleasure. A down to earth, non-bureaucratic explanation of what shearling is.)

Your GPS is wrong.After you look through our product line we invite you sit back in your chair, relax some, perhaps have a cup of Green Mountain Coffee® which, in itself, is very unprofessional as you should be drinking that "other" brand, and visit many of the people and places that make Vermont (USA) a special place to live and work.  Come "chat" with us and take a tour of our little corner of the world as if we were all just hanging out at the store counter with nothin' better to do. No hurry, no hassles.

Shepherd's Flock Logo SmallThen, you might enjoy the series of sheep cartoons that came about as John Hege struggled to redefine the ovine as we know it and create the logo that is plastered at the top of the home page. Yes, it  resides in the principal registry of the US trademark office for anyone or anyone's lawyers who may be remotely interested.  How's that for professional? You just won't be a walking advertisement for us.

Mail Art by CF of VTOur last (so far) contribution, strictly for your entertainment.  Pop over to our Customer Art Work page for some more fun. Everyone else tries to impress you with letters from their customers telling them (and you) what a wonderful product the company makes. Well, we get those letters too but we think differently here and celebrate the imagination and the creativity of those who built our business. Isn't it about time someone recognized that it is the customer who actually builds the business? You think it is hassle ordering from us? Look at these examples of people who went above and beyond the "fill in the order blank" thing. This is true "outside of the smart phone" thinking.


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